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Lawyer Mabirizi Fires Back At Bebe Cool Over Claims That He Works For People Power



People Power’s nightmare, Lawyer Male Mabirizi has finally fired back at singer Bebe Cool over claims that he is working for Bobi Wine.

Bebe Cool
Bebe Cool

Bebe recently called upon all ‘Yellow Bus Passengers to ignore Mabirizi because he is on ‘mission to promote Bobi Wine through baseless law suits’.

“Mabirizi is trying whatever it takes so that Bobi Wine can keep on trending, this is something NRM bloggers have not yet realized, stop giving attention on everything about Bobi Wine you are helping him to trend. Talk about the good roads and hospitals don’t put your focus on Bobi Wine all the time, the more you post him, it’s the more it works for him. These people know what they are doing, actually that’s why he is quite about this. They are doing this trick so that people can sympathize with Bobi Wine that the government is trying to block him to appear on the Ballot paper”, Bebe said while addressing his fans live on Facebook Tuesday.

Bebe sasy Lawyer Mabirizi works for Bobi Wine
Bebe sasy Lawyer Mabirizi works for Bobi Wine

However Mabirizi, on the other hand, says he is neither working with Bobi Wine nor the ruling government. He says that the likes of Bebe Cool hate him because he refused to dine with Sevo.

“Am no longer at the level of replying empty headed people like Bebe Cool. These people think they can afford to buy everyone since they are cheap to be bought, now they think everyone is cheap. They wanted me to go and meet Balaam so that I be on their side something which I refused. Now they wonder how am taking Bobi Wine to court over papers yet am just not on any political party side. I have taken big people to courts, like the Kabaka of Buganda, President Museveni, now Bobi Wine… Bebe Cool should first see the people I take to courts and understand that am too big to give my attention to meaningless people like him, if he is thinking that am playing Political tricks with Hon Kyagulanyi then I advise him to sit down and watch me.” Male bragged during an interview with NBS TV.


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