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Tiwa Savage Premieres New Single Temptation



Tiwa Savage Premieres New Single Temptation – Uganda Mirror

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Opposition Forces Need to Unite against a Common Foe – FDC’s Amuriat




Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential flag bearer Patrick Amuriat Oboi has buttressed the need for ‘Opposition unity’ as Uganda heads for the 2021 general elections.

Speaking on Radio One’s ‘Spectrum’ Talk Show on Monday, Amuriat attempted to downplay the simmering tensions within the anti-regime political forces, pointing out that in-fights stand to reverse their gains.

For one, he rubbished assumptions that his political formation is working against the recently founded National Unity Platform (NUP) that seems to have claimed their space.

“Well, this could also be said about the Alliance for National Transformation led by General Mugisha Muntu which is also a new Party. You see Ugandans need to know; we have no reasons to compete against political parties in the opposition,” Amuriat dismissed.

“We do not have the ball neither do they. The ball is at the feet of Mr. Museveni and the junta. And this has been the case for 35 Years so for us, it’s wrong to compete amongst ourselves, we should be competing to tackle the person with the ball,” he added.

Since the 2016 polls, FDC has labored to reach out to its Opposition comrades amidst suspicion that this could be one of its so many techniques to expunge them form the political turf.

Earlier yesterday while unveiling his 284-member Presidential Campaign Team, Amuriat yet again underscored the need for cooperation as a way of subduing Government’s dirty tricks that saw NUP’s headquarters ransacked last week.

“The areas that forces of change have got to pay attention to include vote protection because therein, we have a common interest against the NRM that has cheated us all these years,” he said.

“The forces of change have got to come together in order to protect each other against physical attack by the NRM, this is a must. It is necessary that we fortify ourselves against attacks,” he stated further.

Concluding, he noted that last week’s raid on NUP’s Kamwokya seat was not an isolated incident citing the post-2016 elections armed forces raid on Najjanankumbi which saw Dr Kizza Besigye detained on treason charges.

“It is not the first time that this is happening to any political party, we have faced the brunt. You remember that immediately after the elections of 2016, there was a helicopter hovering over here with machine guns pointed at our headquarters,” Amuriat alluded.

In line with this, it is understood that FDC is mooting plans to throw its weight behind ‘friendly’ independents after a number of would-be FDC candidates were allegedly harassed from carrying the party flag at constituency level.

“We will be entering Memorandum of Understanding with individuals who will be running as independents while understanding our philosophy, ideology and mission so that we speak with the same wave length when Parliament convenes in June next year,” Amuriat hinted.

Official documents indicate that unlike before, FDC has managed to nominate 316 Parliamentary candidates out of a targeted 450.

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50,000 More Police Constables Recruited Ahead of 2021 General Elections




As the activities to prepare for the 2021 general elections gather momentum, Uganda Police Force has announced recruitment for 50,000 Special Police Constables -SPCs to guard the polling centres.

The Force Spokesperson,  COmmissioner of Police Fred Enanga, said the exercise is going to be spearheaded by Regional Police Commander -RPCs.

Enanga explained that all the recruits will have to present National ID, Senior Four certificate or it’s equivalent, and must be known to being of good conduct in their respective areas of residence.

Police says the SPCs who will be trained for three months will be deployed a month towards the elections period.

Commissioner Enanga stipulated that SPCs will be recruited depending on the number of polling centres in each district.

The electoral commission has already completed the nomination exercises for local government and for Member of Parliament seats.

Presidential candidates will be nominated on November 2 to 3rd of the same month.

Each polling station will have an SPC deployed purposely to guard voting material, polling officers and guide voters while casting votes.

Police has close to 47,000 personnel but the SPCs numbers will boost the force numbers to more than 100,000.  There’s already an ongoing exercise of recruiting 5,000 Probation Police Constable- PPCs. These are part of the 10,000 recruitment plan of 10,000 Constables to replace those that deserted, retired or got incapacitated by various illnesses.

Enanga said the SPCs will serve before, during and after the general election exercise. They’ll be earning 370,000 shillings per month until their role that will end towards May of 2021.





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2021 Polls: FDC Unveils 284-Member Presidential Campaign Team




Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has today unveiled a 284-member team that will canvass votes for its candidates at Parliamentary, Local Government and Presidential tiers in the forthcoming 2021 general elections.

This development was announced by the designate National Director of Field Coordinators Roland Kaginda Mugume while addressing a presser at the Party’s Najjanankumbi Headquarters.

A sneak peek at the catalogue shows that it will be headed by Amuriat’s lone rival in the just concluded FDC Presidential flag bearer polls Wasswa Birigwa, who will be deputized by Obongi County legislator, Hassan Kaps Fungaroo.

On the other hand, Wyclif Bakandonda shall head the campaign bureau while Wafula Oguttu, Salaamu Musumba, Cecilia Barbra Atim Ogwal have been designated as Executive Director of the Campaign Bureau, Chief Campaign advisor and Presidential Advisory Council respectively.

In the same vein, veteran Rukiga Member of Parliament (MP) Jack Sabiiti has been chosen to head the sensitive docket to deal with finance and logistics while Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago will head the Legal services department.

Furthermore, Kampala Woman MP contender Stella Nyanzi shall lead the directorate of research, policy and strategy while Prince Dickson Wasajja is in charge of the Diaspora wing with Ibrahim Semujju Nganda in charge of Publicity.

Speaking on Monday October 19, 2020, Wasswa Birigwa, the overall head of this team expressed optimism that this time round, FDC is well prepared to scoop the Presidency as long as the process is transparent.

“We are going to call this campaign ‘Born fire’ campaign taking our villager back home. We want to make this a different campaign; we are going to be staying in villages,” Birigwa intimated.

“And we are going to look for votes everywhere. Hopefully, this time around, the cows of Ntungamo and Kazo are not going to vote, we hope real people will vote and they will be given the opportunity to vote,”  he stated further.

On his part, FDC Presidential Flag bearer Patrick Amuriat Oboi disclosed that members of the above mentioned team have not just fallen in place but have been prepared over the years to undertake such herculean tasks.

“Therefore, the team being unveiled to Ugandans today is the team that is going to go into the campaigns knowing that they are going to face a dictator and therefore we go into the campaigns in a war formation,” Amuriat pointed out.

He added that this team will be supplemented by FDC District Chairpersons and other party cadres at village level.

From left: FDC’s Wasswa Birgwa, Roland Kaginda Mugume and Geodfrey Ekanya leaving today’s presser.

“In every village around this country, we are going to have a membership of 30 people in a formation of Power Ten which we will be explaining later to carryout house to house campaign. Therefore, the team which we unveiled today, knowing that we have about 67,000 villages across the country, is 2.5 million strong,” Amuriat retorted.

Concluding, he vowed to fight fire with fire in case the Government tries to flimflam their votes or provoke them into a fight.

“We expect Mr. Museveni and NRM in particular to play a good game. That where there is sliding or rough play, we are going to play a rough game and this rough game is going to be played by these 2.5 million campaigners,” Amuriat warned.

Fast forward, Amuriat is expected to embark on a countrywide pre-nomination trail this Thursday starting with Kalangala. Thereafter, they will proceed to Masaka on 23rd October and visit Kayunga the next day before proceeding to other areas.

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