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Ministry of Health Supports, Supervises Health Service Delivery in Lango Sub-Region



The top management team from the Ministry of Health is conducting support supervision in Lango sub region, with an aim of improving health service delivery.

The team was led by Dr Ruth Aceng the State Minister for health together with Dr Diana Atwine the Permanent secretary and Dr Henry Mwebesa Director General Health services among others.

According to Dr Mwebesa, the objectives of this visit are to assess health service delivery performance, meet the various technical and political leadership for performance review and assess the Covid-19 response as well as ensure community engagement and dialogue.

Dr Aceng confirmed that the exercise comprises various activities, “this entails assessment of infrastructure, interaction with health workers and district leadership to improve health services.”

Dr Atwine noted that meetings with health workers are involved, together with other stakeholders in the sub region.

She emphasized the need for health workers to have Personal Protective Equipment while on duty so that they keep safe in case a patient is infected.

The Ministry of Health believes that in this way, urgent matters will be prioritized and maternal mortality will as well be prevented.

According to Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the Ministry of Health spokesperson said such support services and supervision will be done in all other referral hospitals as well, around the country.

The exercise will go on for the entire week. As of now, health centres including, Agur HC IV, Amoro HC III and Amach HC IV have been supported and inspected.

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