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Catch the best of sports and entertainment shows on DStv and GOtv



As one of the most popular additions to * DStv* and *GOtv*, ESPN and ESPN 2, have captivated audiences in Africa with their impressive sports offerings. While the channels have been warmly received by many, there are still some people who aren’t sports fans.

*DStv* and *GOtv* have found alternative viewing options to ensure that the whole family can enjoy the latest in international entertainment.

*Take a look at some of the options available.*

On *25 August*, you can watch *The Jump* on ESPN 2, *DStv* Channel 218, at 21:00 CAT. But if you don’t feel like watching an NBA discussion, you can always watch *WAGS LA*. This docu-series follows the lives of the hottest wives and girlfriends of sports players, available on *E! Entertainment* on *DStv* *Channel 124* at *09:25 CAT* and *GOtv* *Channel 26*, *Channel 126* Ghana and *Channel 326* Uganda at *07:25 CAT*.

The *NBA Playoffs* are hitting our screens on *28 August* on *ESPN 2*, *DStv* *Channel 218*, at *22:45 CAT*. If shooting hoops isn’t your thing, why not tickle your funny bone with *America’s Funniest Home Videos?* Take a look at some of the most embarrassing moments that have been captured on film on *Fox*, *DStv* *Channel 125* at *22:45 CAT* and *GOtv* * Channel 19*, *Channel 119* Ghana and *Channel 319* Uganda *at 20:20* for *GOtv* *Max * subscribers.

Tired of basketball? Well the *PGA Tour* will be available for viewing on *26 August*, on *DStv* *SuperSport 5*, *Channel 225,* and * GOtv* *SuperSelect 5*, *Channel 5*, *Channel 136* Ghana and * Channel 336* Uganda, at *20:30 CAT*. Looking for more drama? Well, then * Sweet Home Sextuplets* is just the show for you. Follow the lives of spouses Courtney and Eric Waldrop and their nine children, which includes a set of sextuplets. You can follow their story at *20:00 CAT *on *TLC*, *DStv* *Channel 135*.

Kick things up a notch with *Major League Soccer* on *ESPN*, *DSTV* *Channel 218* and *GOtv* *Max, Channel 37*, on *27 August at 14:00 CAT*. Had enough football? Then *Killing Eve* might be right up your alley. Follow the story of two women, Eve, an MI6 operative, and Villanelle, the beautiful, psychopathic assassin who needs to find her. Available on Fox, *DStv* *Channel 125*, at *14:00 CAT* and *GOtv* *Channel 19*, *Channel 119* Ghana and *Channel 319* Uganda, at *12:00 CAT*.

The sometimes controversial but always entertaining sports talk show *Pardon the Interruption* is available on *ESPN 2*, *DStv* * Channel 219* on *27 August at 20:20 CAT*. Not in the mood for sports discussions? Have a good laugh instead when you tune in to *Black-Ish* to follow a man’s struggle to get his family to mingle with the neighbours and find their place in society. You can watch back to back episodes on *BET*, *DStv* *Channel 129,* from *20:30 – 21:00 CAT* and * GOtv* *Channel 21*, *Channel 121* Ghana and *Channel 321* Uganda.

Download the *DStv Now app* to enjoy live streaming services and the *MyDStv* and *MyGOtv* apps for self-service.

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