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Bobi Wine-Mbale Security Case: Court Adjourns Cross-Examination of Accused Officials



Mbale High Court has Wednesday August 26, 2020, adjourned the cross-examination of the accused officials in NUP Party president Hon Robert Kyagulanyi’s case against the Government of Uganda and Mbale security personnel.

The Chief Magistrate, who was supposed to hear the case today, adjourned the session to an undisclosed date, “till the Covid-19 pandemic has decelerated and the situation normalized.”

“In an unfortunate twist of events, the Magistrate has declined to hear the matter and adjourned it ostensibly until the COVID-19 situation normalizes,” the court statement reads in part.

However, Bobi Wine argued that this is a human rights case that doesn’t have to be stalled.

“We objected this because firstly; this is a human rights case which must be heard and determined. Secondly the same Court has been having hearings with even more people in there, in fact, only 10 minutes later in the same courtroom, another matter came up and the magistrate heard it in the same chamber with the same number of people present,” Bobi Wine said.

He noted that NUP will use all avenues to get justice.

Bobi Wine filed a civil suit against the Attorney General, Inspector General of Police and the entire Mbale security in Mbale High Court accusing them of unlawfully stopping him from appearing on Bugisu Cooperative Union radio station (BCU FM).

On August 8, 2020, Bobi Wine was allegedly denied access to BCU FM by the security staff led by Hajji Suleiman Barrasa Ogajjo, the Mbale District Resident District Commissioner (RDC).

The presidential hopeful was supposed to appear on a radio talk show over his presidential bid which he says he will run against the incumbent president in the forth coming 2021 polls.

The Court, last Wednesday, heard the case and summoned the IGP and other individuals in the case to personally appear in the court today, following the accusations.

“I request that the people mentioned above personally appear in the honorable court and answer these charges,” Bobi Wine requested.

In his argument, Bobi Wine said that he wants the plaintiffs to explain why they denied him his constitutional rights under article 29(a) that guarantee freedom of speech, press association and any other form of media to all Ugandans.

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