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Bassajja Mivule Vows To Take People Power Movement Back To The Dogs After Being Abused And Labeled An Old Mole By Online Bloggers



Controversial political analyst ‘Nsolo Nkwabwe’ popularly Bassaja Mivule has finally vowed to take on all radical people power bloggers well known for attacking him in what promises to be a fierce online artillery of words.

It should be noted that the celebrated media personality received a substantial  amount of stick when he came out early last week and labelled Bobi Wine’s movement as violent and indiscipline.

The fire spitting Baba TV presenter went on to say that such an uncompromising lot can’t be allowed to enter state house and enjoy Uganda’s instruments of power

”We can’t let theooks take over power in this country. People power is violent, uncompromising lot that ios full of people who smoke weed. If they behave in such a way without power just imagine how worse they will act when they have all the power in their hands”


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