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Police Inspector and Son Thrown Into Custody for Abusing Police Uniform



Police in Wandegeya, Kampala has put behind its coolers one of their own officers and his 20-year-old son over unlawfully wearing a police uniform.

Inspector of Police Luben Ngasaki, attached to Wandegeya Police Station was picked up by police after his son Walter Mumbere put on his police uniform in the public while he was away on the 23rd of August 2020.

preliminary reports indicate that Mumbere timed when his father had stepped out of their barracks house to stealthily wear his uniform and assume the duties of a police officer in public while drunk.

Kampala metropolitan police mouthpiece Patrick Onyango says a drunken Mumbere was netted by other police officers after he started insulting anyone in his way with uncoordinated statements.

Onyango says his unprofessional attitude in a police uniform raised suspicion that led to his arrest at Wandegeya police post where it was established he was impersonating a police officer.

Onyango says the 20-year-old has now been charged with being in possession of government stores while his father the Inspector of police- Ngasaki has been charged with neglect of duty for failure to protect government stores.

Both suspects are detained at Wandegeya Police Station pending court although Onyango says IP Ngasaki is likely to appear before the disciplinary court and his son will appear before the criminal court

Onyango has advised all police officers to guard jealously all the police kits and equipment in their possession and not allow their relatives and children to play with them.

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