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NTV’s Wide Tooth Gapped Girl Lynda Ddane Reveals Why Babes Fantasize Eating Rapper Navio Kigozi’s Big Cassava



There is no doubt that renown local rapper Daniel Lubwama Kigozi popularly known as Navio has a soft spot in the hearts of many ladies thanks to his good looks and fairly rich background.

Navio Kigozi

The ‘Onawuliranga’ hit maker not only stops at striking ordinary girls but well respected media personalities can’t keep calm with Navio’s overly attractive  good looks.

Navio kigozi

And one of such media practitioners to blatantly accept the Rapper’s hottest is none other NTV’s Lynda Ddane

Lynda Ddane


During a recent interview, Lynda Ddane described Navio as a perfect man who doesn’t need to have a toned body like most celebrities.

Lynda Ddane

”No, I think he is perfect the way he is. No need for any build up,” Ddane responded when asked if Navio would look good with a toned body.

Lynda Ddane

This comes less than a month after Winnie Nwagi was rejected by the “Njogereza” hitmaker while she tried to dance with him.

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