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Muhakanizi Tours Supreme Court Construction Site



Treasury Secretary, Keith Muhakanizi, has this Tuesday been led on a guided tour of the construction site of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal in Kampala.

Construction of the Supreme Court block is entering into the fourth floor right from the basement.

“If the funds are available, we will make sure the project is completed on schedule,” said Muhakanizi.

He said the work method was “quite unique” considering that many construction projects run by government institutions drag on for years.

Judiciary Secretary, Pius Bigirimana, who accompanied Muhakanizi during today’s tour, said the contractors were working at an “incredible speed.”

Bigirimana observed: “You know, these people work day and night because some live at the site. I also do a lot of supervision.”

There was fear that the lockdown over the COVID-19 pandemic would disrupt works at the site.

However, by early June, excavation works and construction of the raft foundation slab and pads were completed.

Dr. Eng. Christopher Ebal, Judiciary’s Commissioner for Engineering and Technical Services, recently said the contractor was working around the clock to ensure works are on schedule, while taking necessary precautions in line with the COVID-19 directives.

Seyani Brothers is executing the construction of the seven-storey Twin Appellate Courts buildings with two-basement floors and parking for 226 vehicles, expected to be completed within 24 months, at the cost of Shs 63.9 billion to be paid for by the Government of Uganda.

With the buildings in place, Mr. Bigirimana said the Judiciary would save at least Shs6 billion it pays annually in rent for the appellate courts.

The structures will be customized courthouses with modern courtrooms, chambers for the justices, mediation rooms, a gym and restaurant, among other amenities.

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