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Big Size Bebe Cool Breaks The Silence On All The Naysayers, Finally Responds To Claims He Was Chased Out Of State House Like A Chicken Thief



Celebrated local singer Moses Ssali popularly known as Bebe Cool has finally responded to claims that he was harshly chased out of state house by a few bad hearted individuals over allegations that he had turned the president’s residence into his own home.

Bebe Cool has kept silent for over 2 month

Prior to the ban Bebe Caool would walk in and out of state house like his part and parcel of the first family a rare privilege that perhaps must have angered a few bad minded mafias.

The Gagamel chief is known for being loud and controversial

Reports allege that a plot to reduce on some his presidential favours was tabled in one of the secret security meetings and as it is a priority to safe guard the president’s well being, Bebe Cool’s access to state house was significantly reduced.

Analysts alleged he was trying to communicate to the head of state through silence

As expected the Gagamel chief’s  indefinite suspension got him thinking out loud  and he apparently decided to go mute on anything concerning politics particularly promoting the president on social media.

The non nonsense Gagamel chief

And now after almost 3 month without saying a word on social media Bebe has responded by trashing all reports saying he was suspended from accessing state House

”All those saying my access into state house was limited just don’t know anything about relationship with the president. That is just mere speculation. I have good cordial relationship with the head of state and i can always talk to him whenever i want to. I just had a few set backs in my life and i took a personal decision to keep silent for some time” Bebe Cool allegedly  said as he addressed the long standing rumour to some of his colleagues.

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