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Bebe Cool reveals what killed Shortkut



By BigEyeUg Team

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Singer Bebe Cool has opened up for the first time regarding his late nephew Allan Masengere aka Shortkut Sojah’s death.

On Monday evening, Bebe Cool revealed that the former Gagamel singer had tested positive for COVID-19, confirming earlier reports that had been circulating online.

Bebe Cool says three COVID-19 tests were conducted on Shortkut, and its on the third one that he tested positive.

Prior to testing positive for COVID-19, Shortkut was battling Tuberculosis of the brain.

Bebe Cool believes that Allan could have contracted the coronavirus from Nsambya hospital since the hospital had registered COVID-19 deaths before Shortkut was admitted.

He further revealed that one of the two nurses who were attending to Shortkut also tested positive for COVID-19.

Read his full statement below.

We were at Nsambya hospital for almost 1 and half months. We did all kinds of health tests on Allan, Nsambya did its first of COVID-19 tests. For a while in the tests, Allan diagonized with Tuberculosis on the brain.

The general turnaround time was, one and a half months in the hospital general ward and 5days in ICU.

Events that led to Allan’s death, I requested KCCA to have another COVID-19 test it being that the hospital had registered two COVID-19 tests in the past days after us being admitted.

They did two COVID-19 tests and all conceded negative.

I asked for another COVID test while in ICU and so it was applied. We expected the results to be back on either Wednesday or Thursday the next week.

Due in the days when the results were pending, Shortkut got a problem with the breathing it being that he had TB on evening and this was on Monday.

Prior we wanted to take him to a different hospital like Mulago but it had not bed nurse for the ICU bed, Norvik hospital had its restrictions and scared of the COVID-19 threat, Nakasero was full.

So here we got stuck at Nsambya for the entire day.

But also, Nsambya ICU was closed because of the past patients in there had succumbed to COVID-19 so it had been sprayed and closed for a while.

We had no option of ICU at Nsambya until Tuesday morning. He wasn’t then fine, he was tired.

We called other hospitals like Victoria hospital formerly known as Cardic hospital and it demanded for a COVID-19 test certificate from us. It being that we possessed the last COVID-19 certificate was 6days old and it was valid, we had to submit the same.

After the boy died, we had no idea that he had succumbed COVID-19 because we had the test certificates and all were negative.

On the same day we travelled to Masaka for burial.

The next day during the funeral I got a call from KCCA telling me that the boy had contracted COVID-19 basing on the last tests done.

Of course I had no authority to deny despite me possessing the last two certificates.

Also, the same nurses and doctors in these hospitals attend likely to different patients.

I was liably informed the next days that one of the nurses who were servicing Allan had tested positive for COVID-19.

This is where Allan might have contracted the pandemic from.

We will keep you posted

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23 NUP Die-hards Remanded For Possessing and Wearing of Military Stores




The city hall magistrates’ court has sent on remand to Kiitalya government prisons 23 NUP diehards for being in possession of army related attires.

The grade one magistrate, Valerian Tumuhimbise has remanded the 23 until October 23, 2020.

The group is part of 132 persons, who were arrested on Wednesday this week during a joint security raid on the National Unity Platform offices at offices in different parts of Kampala where their offices are stationed,

Court heard that on the 14th of October 2020, the group was found wearing, selling, and manufacturing red beret, red-t-shirts, and posters that are considered government stores because they pose features similar to military, police, and prison attire.

They were charged with contravening section 170(1) (2) and (4) of the Penal Code Act by wearing uniforms designated for Security forces.

Section 170(2) of the Penal Code Act says that any person who, without the authority of the persons upon whose application an order under this section has been made, uses or wears any uniform, badge, button or other distinctive mark described in the order, or any uniform, badge, button or another distinctive mark so closely resembling the same as to lead to the belief that it is a uniform, badge, button or another distinctive mark so described, commits a misdemeanor

The 23 Bobi Wine supporters have, however, denied the charges.

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces-UPDF ACT 2005 as amended under section 160 provides that the red beret is part of their marks, accessories, insignia, decoration and uniform.

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Prophet Kakande Constructing World’s first Heaven on Earth in Uganda




Having brought the world its first Holy Rice, Prophet Samuel Kakande of the Synagogue Church of all Nations is back with another mega project. For a long time, the Prophet had been asked why he’d never bothered to construct a modern building befitting of his sheep.

It turns out God had delayed to approve the Architectural designs. We can now confirm going by the construction works on the site that God has finally approved the designs for the work to proceed. Prophet Kakande will be constructing the first Heaven on Earth aka Holy Church.

It’s so special a project that Heaven has sent out some of its Engineers to take charge at the site in Mulago Kubiiri. “We are not an ordinary folk, this is Synagogue. It’s Angel Michael supervising most of the works.”

The Church among other things will have a shopping mall where shops selling different holy items will be located. “Everything will be holy ground here but we are choosing to run it like how things are run on earth. You will go to a shop and buy a Holy mattress or Holy socks or handkerchiefs. Even the Holy Water will now be packaged,” a source at the Church tells us.

Above all, the Church will have 100 hotel rooms for patients and visitors. “Since many people come here, we shall have rooms and apartments for people to spend a week or even a month praying, fasting and waiting to have a one on one with the Prophet. We want people to leave when they’re fully healed,” the source tells us.

We say, congratulations once again to Prophet Kakande for getting the full nod from Heaven. We hope God can approve Prophet Mbonye’s designs too.

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AUDIO ENKAMBWE! Abawagizi ba NUP bakubye omulanga nga batwalibwa mu kkomera, ‘mutuyambe bambi obuntu buubuno mu mmotoka’




Bannakibiina kya NUP 44 basindikiddwa ku Limanda mu kkomera e Kitalya ne Kigo, ku misango gy’okwambala engoye ezefaananyirizaako ez’ebitongole ebikuuma ddembe.

Abavunaanibwa omuli abasajja n’abakyala, akawungeezi ka leero, basimbiddwa mu maaso g’omulamuzi wa kkooti esookerwako ku City Hall mu Kampala Valerian Tuhimbise era baguddwako emisango 2 omuli okwambala engoye z’ebitongole ebikuuma ddembe mu ngeri emenya amateeka n’okumenya amateeka.

Okusinzira ku ludda oluwaabi, ku Lwokusatu, nga 14 omwezi guno, abavunaanibwa baakwattiddwa ku kitebe kya NUP e Kamwokya nga bali mu byambalo ebyefananyirizaako eby’ebitongole ebikuuma ddembe omuli ekya Poliisi, amakkomera ssaako n’amaggye nga bataddeko ennyota, emiyondo ssaako n’obukofiira, nga byonna bikolebwa mu ngeri emenya amateeka.

Olw’okutangira omujjuzo mu kkooti, omulamuzi obwedda akkirizza 10, 10 okuyingira era bonna begaanye emisango gyonna egibaguddwako.

Munnamateeka waabwe Anthony Wameli alemereddwa okubataasa obutagenda mu kkomera bw’asabye okweyimirirwa wabula omulamuzi agambye nti abavunaanibwa babadde bangi nnyo nga okubateeka awamu, okuwuliriza okusaba kwabwe, kuyinza okutambuza Covid-19.

Oluvanyuma abakyala basindikiddwa ku Limanda mu kkomera e Kigo n’abasajja mu kkomera e Kitalya okutuusa sabiti ejja ku Lwokutaano nga 23, omwezi guno.

Kkooti ebadde yebulunguluddwa abasirikale nga tewali akkirizibwa kuyingira City Hall okuleka abakozi bokka.

Wabula abakyala, oluteekeddwa mu kabangali ya Poliisi, bakubye omulanga nga bagamba nti mu mmotoka mulimu obuntu, obuyinza okwabika oba okubweyambisa okubatulugunya.

Eddoboozi One

Ate bonna 44 abasindikiddwa ku Limanda, bagambye nti Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu ye mukulembeze waabwe era tewali ayinza kubakyusa.

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