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Gen. Tumukunde Faces Arrest Tomorrow



Presidential hopeful, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde faces detention tomorrow as he reports to the Police Criminal Investigations Directorate headquarters in Kibuli.

The former Minister of Security is believed to have used clandestine means to conduct presidential campaigns.

“He (Tumukunde) is not following the known scripts but deploying his own mode of campaigns,” said a source.

Tumukunde was expected at Kibuli on Wednesday last week to be interrogated over allegations of meeting military veterans on matters of politics, which contravenes sections of the UPDF Act. He sent his lawyers who told police that the general was arrested in Buikwe district as he was doing consultations.

ChimpReports has been told that the CID Director, AIGP Grace Akullo, CMI Chief Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho and Police Crime Intelligence Director, Brig. Ddamulira Serunjogi have gathered enough evidence to incarcerate Tumukunde again if need arises. Brig. Ddamulira is former aide to Gen Tumukunde when the latter was the head of CMI in the late 1990s.

“All is now in order to arrest him again if it becomes inevitable. The investigating officers have got hold of all they want against him,” said a source.

Akullo, Kandiho and Ddamulira met at Kibuli on Wednesday together with the Police Legal Director Erasmus Twaruhukwa.

The meeting discussed matters concerning the Tumukunde’s case of meeting the veterans.

Akullo on Tuesday last week wrote a letter to Tumukunde asking him to appear at the CID headquarters the next day on Wednesday.

“The CID is investigating allegations to the effect that, on several occasions, at your office and residence both in Kololo and other locations with in the country, you have held meetings with Army veterans discussing issues related to politics,” said Akullo.

When contacted on phone on Monday morning CID Spokesman, ASP Charles Twine said it is not true that the general is going to be arrested.

“Where is that allegation coming from? It is not true,” said Twine.

Tumukunde was swiftly arrested in March when he declared his presidential ambitions. He was detained for two months on charges of treason and illegal possession of firearms.

He recently launched a new political platform dubbed Renewed Uganda. The platform, which is not a political party restricted by the law, has left the State wondering the next course of action the embattled retired general is planning.

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