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Designer demands Shs 3bn compensation for NRM logo



President Museveni flagging off bicycles meant for NRM officials recently

A man claiming to be the designer of the ruling National Resistance Movement party logo, John Agira Ruhanga is demanding for Shs 3 billion compensation.

In his letter to the NRM chairperson Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba, he says failure to pay within two weeks will force him to institute legal action. Through his lawyers of Sociis Path Advocates, he contends that his genius and ingenuity conceived and birthed the NRM party symbol and logo concept that constitutes of the bus, the bible and the thumbs up, the morning dawn breeze sunrise, the green vegetation and blue streams. 

He adds that the said symbol has been an effective tool of mobilization of support for the NRM party and the propagation of ideology of patriotism, social economic transformation, democracy and Pan Africanism.  

“By reason of the symbol, the NRM party is solid and unshakable. The party has won five general elections resoundingly and is destined to triumph again in the 2021 general elections using the symbol,” reads the petition in part.  

Ruhanga’s lawyers further state that since conceiving, originating and innovating the concept of the logo, their client has never received payment which he’s duly entitled to in his party as the innovator. 

“His excellency the president promised him help and assistance but he has always been blocked from accessing him. The only benefit our client received was to be made a member of the NRM delegates from Kiruhura district,” adds the petition.  

Due to such frustration, Ruhanga contends that he has suffered economic distress despite his invaluable contribution to the NRM party for which he wants the said compensation of Shs 3 billion compensation.  

But addressing journalists in Kampala on Sunday, the NRM deputy secretary general Richard Todwong said that the party has not yet received a formal complaint from Ruhanga.

Todwong, however, advised that Ruhanga should first go to their office and discuss if he was officially contracted to design the logo. He said a party, they are only hearing about Ruhanga’s complaints in rumours. 

NRM spokesperson Rogers Mulindwa says the NRM logo has been used in a number of elections and he wonders why the petitioner is coming up now. Mulindwa emphasizes that the party will discuss with their legal department and see how they can be advised if at all there’s a genuine complaint.

He said, nevertheless they are suspicious of the complaint because every time there are elections, different people make false claims of rent and supplies arrear demanding to be paid. 

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