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Another Lockdown is Not a Solution – Ykee Benda



‘Munakampala’ singer Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda has this morning been ranting about the looming lockdown, asking government not to consider enforcing another one, after the previous three months of total lockdown.

“Anyone who suggests we go back into lock down is the enemy of Uganda. Please let us all pay attention to these people and hold them accountable. Do you have any idea what Ugandans are going through long after the lockdown, the effects are still eating us up. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” Ykee tweeted.

He went on and said, “At this point, it doesn’t matter the virus or not, it’s time to survive with it. Families are falling apart, businesses have been closed. My fellow Ugandans, if this happens, we can’t just obey. There comes a point in time when a man has nothing to lose.”

According to him, Uganda should take on COVID-19 the way Tanzania is handling it.

This comes after the community transmission cases in Uganda have been on the rise for the past one month.

Various ministers and authorities have for some time now suggested that another lockdown be implemented since people are reluctant in following the guidelines put up by Ministry of Health.

Ykee Benda also promised to work on another song since there has been a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases to encourage Ugandans to follow the SOPs.

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