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By BigEyeUg Team

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As the music industry continues to mourn singer Allan Masengere aka Shortkut Sojah who passed on early this week, many friends and family have come out to share their memories of the fallen singer.

One of them is singer and songwriter, Nince Henry who was an affiliate to the Gagamel camp as well as a close friend to the late singer.

Taking to social media, Nince shared a touching story on his experience when Gagamel boss Bebe Cool and the deceased got shot at Effendys Bar, Centenary Park in 2010.

The ‘Ngenda Jaali’ singer notes that this was the first time he saw Bebe Cool tearing down and it was because of Shortkut.

Read the full post below.

I SAW BEBE COOL CRYING for the first time and it was because of Allan: ShortKut.

That shitful night at Effendys when Bebe was shot, three other people were shot but I think Bebe cool didn’t notice because he was rushed away quickly to Nsambya from the police man who was in full rage shooting everyone at that moment.

Gagamel guys were my friends so it happened that I was with then that night and I was among the people who survived those bullets including Zuena, Markville and the kiwoko boys if you remember them!

Me and markvile Grabbed Zuena off the scene as she was crying and shouting “where is Moses” to the already an unreasoning police guy with the gun safe open ready to shoot anyone else coming to his direction.

We rushed her to Nsambya hospital where Bebe Cool had been taken together with the two bodyguards.

We arrive at the hospital and Bebe Cool is lying on the bed already his jeans been cut out and the wounds are being inspected by the nurses.

At that moment if you know Bebe Cool’s anger, he now looks like a python breathing like a bull, but one thing. Nigga is not crying. ate they say amasasi galuma nyo!

Now another wheel is brought in and it’s at this moment that Bebe Cool realizes his nephew Allan had been shot too in the feet .

He freezes and breaks down.

Bebe Cool now cries and says “ohhhhh nnooooo”

When Bebe Cool cried, all of us in that room now started tearing quietly.  It was a sad moment man.

Thing is…Allan has been Shot too.!

He was always the quiet and most humble one in the group.

You would just not imagine him lying there with blood all over. Man

Allan Rest In Peace man! In Gagamel, you were one of the very few guys besides Bebe cool with whom I would sit with in the corner and have a chat!

It’s sad that I didn’t even know that you went down sick a full month ago.

Rest In Peace broda till we meet again

Bebe Cool and the Late Shortkut were gunned at Effendys Bar on Saturday 30th January 2010 morning by a Special Police Constable following an argument with fellow musicians Radio and Weasel.

They sustained serious injuries in their lower limbs and were rushed to Nsambya hospital where they received medical attention.

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Zari reveals her boyfriend Shakib Cham’s age




Zari finally reveals her boyfriend Shakib Cham’s age…

Classy socialite, Zari Hassan has come out to defend herself after facing heavy criticism, banter and trolls for making out with ‘younger boys’.

About a month ago, Zari left Netizens in wonderland after she was smoked out in a nightclub, grinding a young guy. It later came to light that she and Chap are not just friends but partners in passion.

She took to her Instagram page and confirmed their entanglement and told critics off!

“…I am free to do whatever I feel like. Life is too short. I gotta enjoy it as I’m supposed to,” the self-styled Boss Lady barks. Prior to this, she had just had a fling, GK Choppa, which ended as soon as the holy month Ramathan started.

READ MORE: Zari speaks out after video her grinding toy boy in night club surfaces

Our investigative Bazzinyi laid a strategy, specifically to uncover the identity of this lucky dude, drilling the tried and tested Zari’s honeypot.

Trust the dedicated Bazzinyi team! Within a short period of time, they had already gathered enough info about the chap.

Shakib Cham is the name of the guy, a Ugandan by Nationality, who was raised in the Kawempe slums. Apparently, Shakib’s work is to look good, smell nice, kwetega and smash loaded mamas. Numerous sources tip us that he is in his mid-20s.

However, Zari claims that Shakib is actually older than what is peddled on the social media streets. In a latest interview with a local media house, the mother-of-five trashed all the allegations that she’s molesting Shakib. She says he is a grown able-bodied chap, who is equipped with all the Zzina skills.

“Why are people mad tho? Shakib is 30. He just looks good…lol. I hear 18 year, 20 year old…molesting. Do they even know the meaning of molestation? Smh,” Zari blasted and vowed to continue making merry with her man.

Watch the two lovebirds making merry below:

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He is an old man that looks good




Zari Hassan has revealed her new lover, Shakib Cham’s age following online slurs from critics claiming that she is molesting a teenager.

For about a month now, Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has been back in the headlines following footage that went viral of her making out with a one Shakib Cham.

Shakib, a Ugandan city boy, is not the most popular and in efforts to know more about him, a few critics have revealed that he is a young boy raised in the Kawempe slums.

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Swangz Avenue launches Creative Academy




Swangz Avenue launches Creative Academy

By Our Reporter

Swangz Avenue, an audio-visual production company has launched a creative academy.

The Academy will offer courses in audio production, cinematography, digital video editing, live broadcast, script writing, and film production, among others.

With over 14 years of experience in producing audio and visual content, Swangz Avenue will skill young creative minds with an intent to build a bridge between basic school education and the creative industry professional world through a curriculum, which is both innovative and modular, under the tutelage of industry professionals to join the immense opportunities the creative industry has to offer.

Swangz Avenue launches Creative Academy

“The sector is heavily unskilled yet the demand for quality audio and visual production is at an all-time high. We believe this skilling initiative will make a significant leap at improving the quality of productions but most importantly create jobs,” says Julius Kyazze, the Head of Business at Swangz Avenue.

All courses will employ an 80% hands-on teaching technique with the rest being theoretical assessments.

The Swangz Creative Academy has started registration for the June entry with focus on the first two courses; Audio Production & Broadcast Production.

The Academy is certified by the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) under the Ministry of Education and Sports.

You can register here.

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