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Another Ugandan man sets himself ablaze



The former LC II chairperson in Sironko, Jackson Taika has set himself ablaze.

Taika, a resident of Mafudu parish, Bukulo sub-county in Sironko district reportedly died on Saturday morning after setting himself ablaze using petrol. 

He reportedly set himself ablaze in his garden a few meters away from his home. It is reported that Taika had misunderstandings with his two wives and children, which residents suspect could have forced him to take away his life.

Muhammad Kawanguzi, the coordinator crime preventers of Bukulo sub-county and a neighbour to the deceased says that the Taika was seen buying fuel across his home before heading to his garden.

He said that at the scene of crime, they found a letter which the deceased had written, saying that because of many challenges he was taking his life and God should welcome him.

There has been an unprecedented rise in Ugandan men setting themselves ablaze since March this year when the country went into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. There have been at least six documented cases from across the country in which men have ended their lives by setting themselves ablaze.

Many civil society organisations and campaigns have focused on women and children with few efforts geared towards tackling the impact, the lockdown has had on men as well. 

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