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New Report Warns on Commercial Politics



A new study by the Alliance for Financial Monetary (ACFI) was unveil yesterday, has enumerated a number effects of commercialized politics to both the country’s economy and people’s welfare.

At the launch of this report in Kampala, Henry Muguzi the Executive Director ACFI revealed that people’s perception about politics has greatly changed as most look at it as a form of employment.

“Since the return of multiparty dispensation in 2006, politics became a game of do or die and aspirants resorted to use money as a tool of influencing voter’s decision making instead of better manifestos,” he said.

This, he says has affected political accountability to the extent that voters are left with no moral authority to question actions of their leaders when their votes were just bought.

Wayida Moses Wambuzi a board member of ACFI pointed says politicians tend to use more money in campaigns than the total amount they are expected to earn throughout their tenure which leaves questions in people’s minds.

The report recommended Parliament to enact a comprehensive election campaign law in accordance with international good practices for mandatory public disclosure of campaign income and expenditure, contribution limits, spending limits and reporting.

It also proposed rigorous and innovative civic engagements to empower the electorate to hold elected leaders accountable.

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