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Besigye Knew He Stood No Chance Against Bobi Wine – Katuntu



Bugweri Country Member of Parliament Hon Abdu Katuntu has dismissed the justification given by Col Dr Kizza Besigye for not contesting for President in next year’s election.

While Besigye said this week that he wanted to concentrate his efforts on mobilizing the public for a forceful change of government – which he called Plan B–, Hon Katuntu observed today that the four-time presidential contender was unsure about his support this time round.

According to Katuntu, Besigye realized that most of his supporters had switched camps to join Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine), and that he risked performing very poorly if he decided to contest again.

“What he has done is the correct thing to do,” Katuntu said on the Capital Gang show on Saturday.

“I believe that he realized that he had lost his core constituency. All these young boys and girls you see running around shouting People Power, People Power are the ones that were running around with Dr Besigye. That’s his core constituency and it looks like he has lost it to another person.

“So, was he going to stand and start campaigning against his constituents because they found another leader whom they believe in? It was going to be a big problem for him and the only way was to step aside.”

However, Besigye told FDC supporters on Wednesday this week that he had no hope in changing government through the ballot alone.

This country will not be free by (Justice Simon) Byabakama going to Kololo to announce that there is a new winner who is not Museveni and for Museveni to come with his hat and handover power,” Besigye said.

“Those waiting for that day… he will not do so. It is our duty to make sure he leaves whether he wants or not.”


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