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Bebe Cool Back To Drawing Board After Realizing He Won’t Perform On Sevo’s Campaign Rallies



For the past three months Muzukulu Bebe Cool has been very quiet! Some thought he was to switch to nemesis Bobi Wine’s NUP camp after numerous reports made rounds that he had been blocked from accessing State House.

Bebe Cool is the founder of NRM's Silent Majority
Bebe Cool is the founder of NRM’s Silent Majority

Well it turns out otherwise as the commander of NRM Silent Majority pressure group is just taking a breather!

Bebe says he decided to ‘cool his fire’ after realizing that his master, Sevo has no strong competitors in the forthcoming presidential elections.

He says it will be a smooth ride for Sevo as he seeks for re-elections and that he decided to divert his energy back to music.

According to Bebe Cool, he intentionally pulled back to re-strategize musically since the entertainment industry will not be allowed to resume very soon.

He said elections time has always been a ‘ripe’ time for artistes to ‘harvest’ money by performing at political rallies but this time it will not happen hence loss of income.

Bebe Cool performing on Sevo's rally
Bebe Cool performing on Sevo’s rally

“In this new normal where we are to live with COVID-19, for one’s business to survive for the next one or two years, there needs to be a new strategy and this means sit back and plan again otherwise am sure there won’t be performances for the next 12 months.

Remember Ugandan artistes all had one major source of income and that were live performances,” Bebe said in a post.

He also denied joining NUP
He also denied joining NUP

He also denied the emerging new reports that he’s in transit to join Bobi Wine’s new party National Unity Platform (NUP).

“Keep dreaming after all it’s among the freedom you enjoy in Uganda today though I never thought you would panic this quick,” he said.

Let me take this opportunity to thank the youth of Uganda for the positive direction they have chosen by voting their…

Posted by Bebe Cool on Tuesday, August 18, 2020

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