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OPINION: Katikkiro Mayiga Scores High against Cyber Tormentors



By Najib N. Ssekikubo

For the past week, social media, and the mushrooming online publications have been awash with rumors; initially indicating that His Royal Highness Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, is ill and hospitalized, and later announced the demise of the crown!

This far fake news has gone! This far hate speech has taken us! For the record, the Kingdom swiftly communicated to clear the air and released the subjects of the Kabaka from this sinister cyber-attack on the Kingdom.

The Katikkiro and his entire team, held a press conference and delivered the good news. His Majesty is well and reigning. This was enough for the subjects of the Kabaka to quash and discard the rumors and go about their usual service to the Ssaabasajja.

I was convinced that the official communication would reverse the viral rumor (Kabaka being ill & hospitalized) which didn’t yield. The orchestrators went ahead and ‘killed the Kabaka’, for reasons well known to them. It is unfortunate that a large section of the naïve subjects of the Kabaka were caught off guard and sent into great shock.

Only clear-sighted individuals and those that understand the conspiracy to overwhelm Buganda and her transformational leaders, most especially the person of the Katikkiro, would tell that this was premeditated.

I wish to categorically state, that my only interest in this matter, is my loyalty to the Kabaka (as his subject) and Buganda (the land I have inhabited for my entire life). I thus believe that educated and highly read subjects of the Kabaka, irrespective of their origins, have an obligation to safeguard and protect Buganda (the land that shelters and feeds us), for her continuity.

I thus feel obliged to enlighten those that are easily swayed by propaganda and well packaged messages of hate speech, aimed at gratifying selfish interests of a small group of people masquerading as Baganda patriots.

The greatest weapon of the digital cyber age is information. The dissemination of well packaged and highly targeted information has inter alia; led to the downfall of strong governments and leaders, the success in elections of less meaning candidates and the accumulation of whooping amounts of money by individuals.

These scenarios should be pondered by Kabaka’s subjects that have hitherto regarded information a usual happening.

Rumors were spread by a highly coordinated conspiracy, using both real and parody accounts. Like the Katikkiro mentioned, it is unfortunate that some social media users and online publications choose to spread such information without verification, for the sake of breaking a story; to accumulate likes and followers for their sites.

Ignorance! Media scholars and those that labor to read further, understand the gravity and effect of media messages.

The posts wherever they are, attracted a spiral of comments reflecting two varying categories; the first represents the mournful loyal subjects shocked by the news, and the second represents baneful dissidents that tactfully attributed the demise of the Kabaka to his most trusted subject, the person of the Katikkiro.

It is paradoxical that, a big percentage of the Buganda cyber community (including highly educated people), has for a long time been hoodwinked to believe that the Katikkiro is anti-Buganda, a green snake in the grass, a secret agent employed to finish off the Kingdom, and the greatest enemy of the Kabaka.

The culprits present themselves as Buganda diehards, and thus in a struggle to help the Kingdom and the Kabaka realise the dreadfulness of his right-hand servant (external monarch Kamalabyonna).

Kabaka’s subjects should be reintroduced to their relationship with the crown. As the “Maaso Moogi” (one with extreme sightedness), the Kabaka appoints those he’s well conversant with and sure they would stir the Kingdom to greater heights (Buganda Ku Ntikko).

It is therefore sinful and insubordination for a subject to publicly tell the Kabaka (okulaba Kabaka mu kamwa) on social media, that he appointed a wrong person. In addition, it wouldn’t take the Kabaka this long before dislodging him if indeed he’s a mole.

I was also surprised to see meaning people ordering the Kabaka to present himself to prove he’s alive!

The plotters therefore, were convinced that associating the Katikkiro to the murder of crown would incite the gullible loyal subjects to rampage against the Katikkiro and consequently, either; force him to throw in the towel (okukuba Kabaka obwami) which is sinful or be attacked by the mob to waste and ruin his achievements!

The land and system they intend to ramshackle are primordial efforts of Buganda’s ancestors.

Like other transformational leaders, Katikkiro Mayiga has been fought from the onset of his tenure. Persevering through ridicule, direct forged accusations and personal attacks have not deterred him from implementing royal directives.

His achievements greatly surpass those of his immediate predecessors. Isn’t it illogical for us to fight such a leader? When did Buganda lose her shrewdness? To the extent of fighting a leader we all believe has put the Kingdom to a level higher than where he found it.

This is not an accident! This is not the usual fake news intended for fun! The people of Buganda should have realized that this is a conspiracy, a personal attack that is capable of ruining the land. Personal selfish interests aimed at failing C. P. Mayiga have capacity to take Buganda to the dogs.

Like any other human, I’m convinced that the Katikkiro has personal flaws. However, there are better ways of telling the “Kamalabyonna” to work on his relationship with his subordinates.

There’s evidence that a number of big names could be behind this drama, resulting from personal misunderstandings with the person of the Katikkiro. Majority are fighting for a share of the Mengo bread they had illegally enjoyed for ages until the current leadership streamlined the Kingdom operations, yet the others are envious of the achievements of Mayiga.

The Kabaka’s subjects need to look at these issues with an extra eye. And I think it would be better if those behind the curtain come to the light and publicly argue their case against the Katikkiro.

We are much willing to listen to them and judge accordingly. It is high time they realized that their shadows have failed. Let them embrace transparency (obwerufu). There’s no doubt that this incident has greatly exposed the cocoon and gives the Katikkiro an extra mileage away from his tormentors, at the red carpet, sliding to the hall of fame and greatness.

I strongly believe that a man like C. P. Mayiga that has dedicated the greatest part of his professional service to the Kabaka and Buganda should not be ridiculed to such extent, should not be falsely accused of the highest criminal offence in the Kingdom the murder of his King.

The people of Buganda should always rise to disregard such mischievous propaganda against the Kingdom. These are tricks of modern fraudsters and ill-mannered individuals seeking to destroy your most treasured motherland Buganda.  Awangaale Ssaabasajja.

The writer is a loyal servant of the Kabaka from his county Butambala


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