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Museveni wants People Power ‘idiot’ to face task force action over remarks ‘there is no corona’ in Uganda



KAMPALA: President Yoweri Museveni has blasted ‘some idiots going on saying there is no corona’.

Museveni was addressing the nation after the NRM Central Executive Committee elections across the country.

Uganda last night confirmed three deaths taking the total number to 19. The country’s total infections have soared to 1194.

President Museveni raged: “Some people have been joking with this problem of Coronavirus. You are now going to see real problems. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.”

Museveni blasted: “Kampala people who are big-headed, they listen to those who tell them lies. They are now leading with cases. I will address the nation next week.”

He charged: “Some idiots go on saying there is no Coronavirus. I hear there is a one Zaake who goes on saying there is no Coronavirus. We will discuss these enemies of the people in the task force meeting.”

Museveni went on: “If people had listened, we would do things in a nice way. We know what we doing. We can do things in the clever way if we listen.”

The President urged: “We have to take drastic measures against idiots. We aren’t going to lose people because of idiots, the greedy ones.”

Museveni warned: “Lockdown doesn’t stop you from doing things but you do them in a nice way. Cheptegei broke the world record, came back safely, and is now in quarantine.”

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