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Kadaga Defeats Namuganza as Oulanya, Baryomunsi, Singh Katongole Join NRM CEC



Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has retained her position as 2nd Vice National Chairperson of the ruling NRM party after defeating State Lands Minister, Persis Namuganza.

Results released by NRM at around 4:00am showed that Kadaga emerged victorious with 6,776 votes against Namuganza’s 3,943.

The two are bitter rivals.

During the CEC campaigns earlier this week, Namuganza accused Kadaga of being unfaithful to the NRM and standing up against the party Chairperson, President Museveni.

“I was shocked when the Speaker presided over the passing of a motion of displeasure with the President who is also the NRM chairman,” she said referring to the May 2020 motion.

Speaking earlier at the event, Kadaga reaffirmed her commitment and loyalty to the party, saying it remained unshaken.

“Ever since we went into multi- party politics, I have campaigned for this party and supported it in the good and bad times, both in and outside of Parliament,” said Kadaga.

Kadaga believes Namuganza is backed by forces aimed at undermining her Speakership.

On the other hand, Namuganza accuses Kadaga of being opposition-leaning, a claim the Speaker has dismissed as baseless.

This means Kadaga will maintain her position in the Central Executive Committee (CEC) which is key for her to retain her position of speaker. It’s CEC that endorses NRM candidates for the Speakership.

Interestingly, Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya upset Sam Engola for NRM Vice Chairperson, Sam Engola.

With Oulanya also in CEC, the battle for the Speakership is likely to be intense. Oulanya insists Kadaga has served her ten-year period and should pave way for him.

But Kadaga has since expressed intentions to retain the influential position.

Meanwhile, Singh Katongole defeated Amooti Nyakaana for the position of Kampala Vice Chairman.

State Minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda floored his rival Kaliisa Kalangwa for Vice Chairperson, Central region.

Housing Minister, Chris Baryomunsi stunned NRA war veteran Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza to take western Uganda.

Kyaligonza sought to ride on his successful military career record to retain his position in the Central Executive Committee.

The Ugandan Ambassador to Burundi was among the fearless fighters under NRA who fought in decisive battles that brought President Museveni to power.

In Eastern Uganda, former State Minister of Health Mike Mukula defeated his arch rival Sanja Tanna.

Mukula was accused of playing a racist card to fight off stiff competition from Sanja, a Ugandan businessman of Indian origin.


National Chairperson: Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

First Vice National chairperson: Al hajji Moses Kigongo.

2nd Vice National Chairperson (female):

Rebecca Kadaga – 6,776

Namuganza Persis – 3,943

Regional Vice Chairpersons.


Amooti Nyakaana -2665

Singh Katongole – 4503

Uhuru Salim


Kiganda Ssonko – 1000

Godfrey Kiwanda- 4749

John Magalo – 676

Kaliisa Kalangwa 3701



Emmanuel Diini – 224

Matayo Kyaligonza-2550

Florence Kintu – 1875

Chris Baryomonsi -5947

Boaz Kafuda -662

Apollo Tibugaya -259

Wilberforce Muhanji -1285


Sanjay Tanna- 4,162

Mike Mukulu – 5,818

Christine Akello Harriet – 162


Jacob Oulanya – 7,473

Sam Engola – 1,665

Dr. Samuel Odong – 277

Timothy Okee – 895


Simon Peter Aleper   8,143(√)

Jimmy Lokoru – 2,220

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