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‘Illiteracy Hurts Uganda’s Political Field’



Ahead of next year’s elections Uganda’s elite has been called to come out and contest on the various political leadership positions.

The country’s sluggish economic growth and poor decision making are some of the consequences that experts say have emerged from Uganda’s political field being swamped by illiterate people.

Hon Ibrahim Semujju Nganda, Member of Parliament for Kira Municipality while speaking at the launch of a report by Kigo Thinkers on scientific elections, said many elites want a better country but concentrate on criticizing politicians instead of joining in.

“If you follow the litigation almost every after election people not having the minimum academic qualifications is a big factor in court cases. That tells you the story of the calibre of people we have in Parliament, ” he said.

Semujju adds that during his tenure in Parliament he has seen Members who are given reports in committee but keep them in their cars and offices without reading anything and end up asking questions whose answers were provided.

“The elites don’t want to be abused; but these ones don’t care; they can be rolled in the mud provided they are elected to Parliament.”

Meanwhile, regarding the proposed scientific elections Semujju warned that the turnout was likely to be low because Ugandans are used to physically interactive election campaigns.

Oscar Semweya Musoke one of the founders of Kigo Thinkers appealed to Ugandans to focus on electing only serious individuals to political office.

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