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City Lawyer Accuses Bobi Wine of Lying About Age



Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi has vowed to drag presidential candidate Hon Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu to court for allegedly giving the Electoral Commission false information while contesting for the Parliamentary seat of Kyadondo East.

Mabirizi says he just received Kyagulanyi’s transcripts from the Commission where he discovered in number of inconsistencies.

“We can’t allow our country to be ruled by somebody who is not transparent. He told the E.C that he was born in 1982 while at Makerere his documents show that he was born in 1980,” Mabirizi said.

“My aim is to ensure that Kyagulanyi doesn’t appear on the Presidential ballot paper and I am going to do this by instituting a private prosecution against him.”

“Although the Director of Public Prosecution(DPP) has a right to take over any criminal proceedings, I am not ready to surrender my evidence to anybody other than court.”

Mabirizi says he intended to sue Bobi Wine for providing false information which on conviction, one is liable to an imprisonment term of 5 years

“I am going to get evidence from NIRA, Makerere University, Parliament and the Passport office at the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The lawyers however, denied being pushed by Bobi Wine’s political foes.

“Among the many, I chose him because he is a popular candidate with higher chances than his colleagues so I can’t waste my energy on unpopular individuals.”

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