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Church Leaders Cautioned On Threatening Voters



Rev. Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda the outspoken Kitanga Parish Priest in Kabale Diocese has warned clerics in his area to stop using their positions to intimidate and threaten Christians to support certain political candidates.

According to Fr Gaetano, there have been numerous reports of priests threatening to curse some of the Christians who don’t support the candidates that they themselves support.

“Why resort to threats? Who are you?” he said.

“God gave you the position of priesthood to lead his sheep but now you are segregating them. A priest’s job is to forgive, preach God’s grace but not to curse. In my 44 years of priesthood I have never seen what is happening now. People should be left to make their own choice of the leaders that they want to lead them.”

Fr Batanyenda on the other hand asked Christians to be strong and not allow the self-seeking priests to intimidate them.


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