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Binno Byebiluma God’s Plan! Sheilah Gashumba Unleashes Rare Dance Moves As Shakes Off Break Up Stress



Many people think Sheilah Gashumba is in deep sorrow after reported break up with boyfriend God’s Plan but actually she is doing fine.

Lil stunner eating life
Lil stunner eating life

Apparently, God’s Plan dumped Sheilah after eating her beans for 2 years on credit and immediately replaced her with another sassy babe.

Well the self proclaimed Lil Stunner is not bothered at all! She recently went on a short vacation in Western Uganda to ‘eat life and dime’.

Sheilah Gashumba
Sheilah Gashumba

While on vacation, God’s Plan was also busy catching the vibe and merrymaking with his new catch.

She has now posted a clip on her Instagram page in which she unleashes killer dance moves as she shakes off break up stress.

“Thank God the #AfroPopVol1 album is oooout!!!! My favorite song is #PrettyGirl @adekunlegold X @patorankingfire !!! Should we open the challenges or nah!!!! Let’s goooo!!! Naye nga ka waist keko oba Outfit @ofuure !! aaaaaaah Pretty Girl, you wanna break your back on a dance song!!! #afrobeats #nigeria #AG TAG A GIRL WHO NEEDS TO LEARN HOW TO WHINE”, her caption reads.

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