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Kenzo’s Tweyagale Dance Video Hits 50 Million Views



Eddy Kenzo has again become a beneficiary of YouTube viewership after a video of “Masaka Kids Africana” dancing to his 2020 hit song “tweyagale” hit 50 million views.

“Tweyagale” was released on February 23 this year and it became one of the most played and requested for songs earlier this year.

Since the Masaka Kids Africana uploaded a video dancing to the song, it has garnered over 50 million views in a space of 5 months.

Tweyagale continues to appear in Uganda’s top 100 playlists.

In April this year, Eddy Kenzo became the first Ugandan artist to get 1 million YouTube subscribers and it looks like he will continue to reap from YouTube going forward.

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