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EU, FDC Discuss Human Rights, 2021 Manifesto



Foreign diplomats have this Thursday cleared the air regarding a four-hour-long meeting with Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leaders at the Party’s Najjanankumbi Headquarters.

EU delegation leader, Atilio Pacifici said they discussed a wide range of issues to deal with Uganda’s socio-economic situation.

“We spoke about the economic situation in Uganda, their vision in the manifesto, all the kinds of interesting issues we spoke about them. We spoke about human rights as well, a number of issues,” Pacifici disclosed.

Pacifici added that there is nothing sinister about this development and that they plan to visit other Political Parties to dialogue on the same matters.

While FDC leaders declined to divulge details, a source at Najjanankumbi said Uganda’s Electoral Democracy and Human Rights were among the key talking points.

Since the last polls, the Party has openly expressed its disappointment with Donor Countries for failing to take a tough action against government over election malpractices.

The diplomats in a group photo with FDC honchos

“That’s why we were demanding an audit in 2016. Even some foreigners offered to audit the election so that we give them our evidence and whoever else challenges us brings theirs,” Dr Kizza Besigye disclosed on Wednesday.

“Our friends, the Swedish, stepped in to help, we even signed a memorandum agreeing to audit. Then Mr Museveni knew that we were now pressing him against the wall, he chickened out even after he himself had also signed,” he added.

This development comes hot on the heels of another meeting the diplomats held with National Unity Platforms (NUP) Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu last week.

The meeting was attended by French Ambassador, Jules Armand Aniambossou and Italy’s Massimiliano Mazzanti among others.

FDC was represented by its President Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Wasswa Birigwa, the Party’s National Chairman, Toterebuka Bamwenda the in charge of Electoral Affairs and Walid Lubega to mention but a few.  

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