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People Power won’t survive after 2021



You the leader must give direction to the people but it seems the people are giving you direction…

That’s false. Leaders can decide the direction but good leadership allows the majority to reign. Am I being fair to myself to say, I have refused to go. It disturbs me that the other day people were blaming me for not joining Kyagulanyi…What’s the purpose of campaigns if they can’t be used to move people.

If I was against something then and now, I have embraced it, count it as a result of the campaigns that I have been won over. It could also be that we were moved by powerful respected stakeholders. And then, where I had reached, I had to take a decision to either join NUP, ANT or Jeema.

Had DP become so untenable that you had to make a decision to leave it?

I was closed out of DP. I was in hospital when Mao held meetings in Mukono and during one of those tours, Gerald Siranda [DP Secretary General] said, the person who was keeping Nambooze in DP died, that was Birekeraawo Nsubuga, for me, I will never sign any forms nominating Betty Nambooze to be sponsored by DP, so it had become that bad.

You have said you are just hibernating and at some point, you will return to DP; are you not confusing people?

I’m not supposed to do things so that people can understand me. In fact, if people don’t understand what I’m doing in politics, sometimes that’s good. I know what it means to join a political party; it’s just about making a declaration and get a party card.

I’m in NUP nowbutIcanwalkinaDPofficeandpick my card. Of course, I’m not going to do that but NUP is a party on a mission. We need the politics of now, not the past or the future. I would have loved to be in DP or a party that is well administered and I’m sad that I have been forced to leave a party whose ideology I have espoused ever since I became an adult.

Mao and other people say you guys are all just interested in keeping your MP seats and you would go to any party that guaranteed that?

My political life doesn’t depend on the approval of Mao. I was the first in Museveni’s 35 years to stand on a DP ticket in Mukono. Visibly the strongest party here was NRM; so, what drove me then? People who I consider to be my juniors have crossed to NRM and become ministers.

So, if I was only interested in positions, why didn’t I work with Museveni? Why would I stay on a side where my health is greatly distorted?

That I can’t make a bed for my husband; that I have to call my children to dress me up. Everything in this house is being adjusted for me and then you say I only care about the position! It’s an insult manufactured by Mao, a wordsmith calling us meal card politicians but if there is any meal card politician, that person is called Mao. He is hunting me down because he knows I’m going to stand against him in the DP elections.

You still want his office?

Definitely, it’s part of the reason why I’m in NUP. You see the Rwandese came here in 1954, they almost became Baganda. When former President Milton Obote harassed us here, they went to the bush and overthrew the government but they knew that their final battle was in Kigali and they finally took it there.

Today, former NRA soldiers like Paul Kagame are governing in Kigali. My final battle is at Balintuma (DP head office) but now I’m in Kamwokya and like the RPF soldiers, I will do all to make the Kamwokya idea successful but I know where my final battle is; God willing.

Is there anything you are adding to Kyagulayi’s chances of going to State House?

In a few weeks, Bobi Wine will be  the leader of opposition in parliament. He’s becoming so lucky that he’s becoming number two before he goes to war.

Today, he has 17 MPs and Mao has four; you don’t see the difference? He is going to be sitting in forums like IPOD. Does he become stronger? Yes, because we represent constituencies? When I went to Kamwokya, I went with 90 DP councillors. All the 602 DP village chairmen have agreed to be NUP chairmen. I think NUP is harvesting from a garden they never planted.

But these are already opposition zones; they don’t help much in taking over state power…

But I have seen that he has two NRM MPs; that’s not simple. And let me tell you, this year, NUP will get more funds from parliament than DP.

No, they will not, the speaker said even if you change parties, you remain contractually tied to the party that sent you to parliament until the end of the five years…

I don’t get surprised when NRM people start saying that because they are so threatened. They just realized that in a few weeks’ time, Bobi Wine will be forming a government in parliament and now they want to go and twist the laws.

We shall also go for them. For me, it’s an insult and illegal if parliament ever records my words in the Hansard against DP. I’m not DP, I want that word NUP to be on the Hansard and I have written to the speaker to that effect. I would wish my entitlements to be recorded for the same party. What does Bobi Wine want; numbers . And Uganda is  not like America where victory is counted according to the states you have won.

In Uganda even if you get all your votes from Kampala as long as they make 51 per cent, they declare you the president. Buganda has 5.3 million voters and Museveni got five million votes so the game plan is to raise enough votes; in, Buganda and Busoga and make sure we raise as many candidates as possible to guard our votes in other areas so that Museveni doesn’t exaggerate his win elsewhere. But it is one thing having a plan and it doesn’t work out. But it’s better than having no plan.

There was a memorandum that guaranteed you guys won’t have primary challengers in NUP…

I have read about it somewhere but those are just rumours. We have not entered into such an agreement. But even if my colleagues enter into such an arrangement, I don’t need it because I have done so many things that please my voters. But when did it become a crime for a politician to do things that will make him/her popular in their constituencies? So, if there is a politician like Nambooze who goes to NUP because that’s what the people want, what crime have I committed?

But must people not say anything when they see a politician with 30 years’ experience joining somebody who just entered politics three years ago?

In democracies, presidential candidates look for big politicians for endorsement; it’s not the other way round. The stupid thing would be for me to come to Mukono and say vote for me because Bobi Wine wants me. I’m not seeking endorsement from him. 

But world over, presidential candidates look for endorsement and it is recorded as a parameter of strength. But there is also a new trend in
the world where voters are rebelling against seasoned politicians. It’s not only in Uganda and I have to accept it. I’m not disadvantaged because I had no intensions of running for president in 2021 but the coming of Bobi

Wine doesn’t stop me because Barack Obama became president before Donald Trump. Probably you will have a Betty Nambooze candidature in 10 years’ time when I’m 60 years.

What would you tell somebody who says that you went to Kamwokya after realizing that it’s the only ticket to your re-election?

Politicians doing things to attract voters is not out of the ordinary? Politics is like that more so during electioneering. And how does that make me a bad politician to move with my people? People have been saying Nambooze is a populist and I don’t want to deny that because if you do, you will have given opportunity to your opponents to disorganize you.

Apart from hoodwinking people, which other politicians wouldn’t want to do this? That’s how we win elections, by showing voters that we are serving their interests better.

Must you do things that don’t sit well with your heart just because you want to be elected?

Have you measured my heart to know I’m not well? There was a decision to be made, for me to choose which team I would play for in the next five years. I had a lot of soul-searching, I did enough consultations, weighed the interests of my voters, I ruled out the issue of being an independent; so, I decided to join NUP.

People who saw you at Kamwokya and read your body language concluded it wasn’t well…

In Buganda, the day we install a new king we are burying another one, what demeanour do you want a person to put on; to jump up and dance for the new king or cry for the old one.

It was sad we were burying DP and joining a party that was starting. It would be very sad for me, if I was jubilating. I’m sad for having left DP, that’s why I was saying I have unfinished business. I told NUP people that I will give my all while there but it shouldn’t surprise them when one day I go back to DP.

I have been the vice president where DP is strongest, that’s Buganda, I couldn’t walk away smiling. It will take me time to adjust to NUP but I carry one consolation that maybe in future, DP and NUP will become one party. If my husband died today, my son will be elevated to be the head of the family; I will be happy but I will be sad for the husband I have lost.

One of the things you have said many times is the lack of processes in DP or their abuse but then you are moving in a party where there is no pretense, it’s a one-man show…

What Mr Kyagulanyi had to do is to have interim leaders to be able to constitute structures that would sit to usher in democratic leaders. Because of the recruitment that has been going on, next week [this week], the

party is having a delegates’ conference and one of the biggest things to do is to amend the constitution to give more powers to the members than its leaders. As of now, he couldn’t have done otherwise.

Aren’t we going to see trouble in the coming days when NUP decides who will hold its flag for different places when there is no known process of determining candidates?

For leaders, it is not always that you do the right thing but to adjust after listening to people. If you don’t trust people, you can’t do anything. For now, I want to believe that Kyagulanyi couldn’t have been more democratic when the constitution talks about appointing, not electing. Did he appoint his relatives to these positions? So far, he has tried not to.

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Charles Mbire gains $1.2 million as stake in MTN Uganda rises above $51 million



Ugandan businessman and MTN Uganda Chairman Charles Mbire has seen the market value of his stake in MTN Uganda surge above $51 million in just two days, as the share price in the leading teleco company increased by a single digit.

The single-digit bump in the share price caused the market value of Mbire’s stake to gain UGX4.42 billion ($1.24 million) in less than two days.

The million-dollar increase in the value of his stake came after Uganda’s largest telecom company delivered the country’s largest-ever IPO through the listing of 22.4 billion ordinary shares on the Uganda Securities Exchange (USE).

Upon completing the largest IPO in Uganda’s history, MTN Uganda raised a record UGX535 billion ($150.4 million) from the applications that it received for a total of 2.9 billion shares, including incentive shares.

As of press time, Dec. 7, shares in the company were trading at UGX204.95 ($0.0574), down six basis points from their opening price this morning.

Data gathered by Billionaires.Africa revealed that since the telecom company registered its shares on the Ugandan bourse on Mon., Dec. 6, its share price has increased by 2.5 percent from UGX200 ($0.056) to UGX204.95 ($0.0574) as of the time of writing, as retail investors sustained buying interest long after the public offering.

The increase in the company’s share price caused the market value of Mbire’s 3.98-percent stake to rise from UGX178.45 billion ($49.96 million) to UGX182.86 billion ($51.2 million).

In less than two days, his stake gained more than UGX4.42 billion ($1.24 million).

In a statement after the successful listing of MTN Uganda’s shares, Mbire said the IPO shows the confidence that Ugandans and other investors have in the company, its brand and strategic intent.

“We commend all the regulators for their support in our work to become a USE-listed company and to comply in a timely manner with the listing provisions of the national telecommunications operators’ license,” he said.

Steady but sure-MBIRE who is the biggest investor on Ugandas Stock exchange with stocks valued at more than $55 million is laughing all the way to the bank after MTN declared the latest dividend payout.He has steadily grown his business empire which is believed to be more that $350 million (debt free).

Steady but sure-MBIRE who is the biggest investor on Ugandas Stock exchange with stocks valued at more than $55 million is laughing all the way to the bank after MTN declared the latest dividend payout.He has steadily grown his business empire which is believed to be more that $350. ( debt free).

He is into communications-revenue assurance-cement-distribution-oil services-real estate-oil exploration and logistics.

Source: Billionaires Africa

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2-year-old dies at Arua hospital as nurse demands Shs 210,000 bribe




A two-year-old child died at Arua Regional Referral hospital after a nurse, Paul Wamala demanded a bribe amounting to Shs 210,000 before carrying out an operation. 

The incident happened on Saturday, after Aron Nabil, a two-year-old child was referred to the hospital for an operation after he was diagnosed with intestinal obstruction, a medical emergency caused by a blockage that keeps food or liquid from passing through the small intestine or large intestine.

According to the relatives of the child, Wamala allegedly asked them to initially give him Shs 30,000 to buy medicines to commence the procedure. He however returned shortly asking for an additional Shs 180,000 from the relatives.

Emily Adiru, a resident of Osu cell, in Bazar Ward, Central Division, and a relative of the child says although they paid money to Wamala, he abandoned the child without carrying out the operation. According to Adiru, Wamala later refunded Shs 200,000 through mobile money, after she threatened to report him to the police.

“They told us this boy needs an operation which was supposed to be done in the morning on Sunday at around 7 am. They took him inside there, some doctor came from the theatre, he called one of us and said, we should pay Shs 70,000 for buying medicine to start the operation. We paid the Shs 30,000 [but] after paying the Shs 30,000, after some minutes, the same man came and opened the door and called us again, and told us we should pay another Shs 100,000. We also paid the Shs 100,000 and we thought it is finished. We were outside there waiting for our patient to come out [but] then this man came back again and said we should pay another Shs 80,000,” said Adiru.

Although the operation was later carried out after a 7-hour delay, the child didn’t make it, and relatives attribute the death to negligence. Miria Ahmed, a concerned resident wonders why such incidents have persisted at the facility which is supposed to service the citizens.

“Is the problem the hospital, is it the management or it is the human resource that is the problem in the hospital? A small child like this you demand Shs 210,000 for the operation? Well, if the money was taken and the operation is done, I would say anything bad but this money was taken and the small boy was abandoned in the theatre,” she said. 

When contacted Wamala refused to comment on the allegations. Dr Gilbert Aniku, the acting hospital director says that the hospital will issue an official statement later since consultations about the matter are ongoing.

Arua City resident district commissioner, Alice Akello has condemned the actions of the nurse saying she has ordered his arrest so as to set an example to the rest. The case has been reported to Arua regional referral hospital police post under SD reference No:05/30/05/2022.

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Mexican president’s Mayan Train dealt new legal setback | Tourism News




Activists say the planned tourist train will harm the wildlife and natural features of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been dealt the latest setback to an ambitious plan to create a tourist train to connect the country’s southern Yucatan Peninsula.

On Monday, a judge indefinitely suspended construction on a portion of the project, known as the Mayan Train, saying the plans currently do not comply “with the proceedings of the environmental impact evaluation”.

The ruling follows a legal challenge by activists who said they were concerned the 60km (37 mile) portion of the train that would connect the resorts of Playa del Carmen and Tulum would adversely affect the area’s wildlife, as well as its caves and water-filled sinkholes known as cenotes.

The original plan for the disputed section was for an overpass over a highway, but the route was modified early this year to go through jungle at ground level.

The federal judge cited the “imminent danger” of causing “irreversible damage” to ecosystems, according to one of the plaintiffs, the non-governmental group Defending the Right to a Healthy Environment. In a statement, the group said that authorities had failed to carry out the necessary environmental impact studies before starting construction of the section.

Lopez Obrador had announced the ambitious project in 2018, with construction beginning in 2020. The roughly 1,500km (930 mile) cargo and passenger rail loop was presented as a cornerstone of a wider plan to develop the poorer states and remote towns throughout the about 181,000sq km (70,000sq mile) Yucatan Peninsula.

The railway is set to connect Caribbean beach resorts with Mayan archaeological ruins, with authorities aiming to complete the project by the end of 2023. The plan is estimated to cost about $16bn.

The project has split communities across the region, with some welcoming the economic development and connectivity it would bring. Others, including some local Indigenous communities, have challenged the project, saying it could not only disrupt the migratory routes of endangered species, including jaguars, tapirs and ocelots, but could also potentially damage centuries-old Mayan archaeological sites.

The National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism, the government agency overseeing the project, has said that it expects to “overcome” the latest challenge and that work should continue after an environmental impact statement is finalised. It said the Environment Ministry was currently reviewing its environmental application for the project.

For his part, Lopez Obrador has insisted the railway will not have a significant environmental effect and has accused activists of being infiltrated by “impostors”.

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