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Mali President Boubacar Resigns after Hours of Detention in Suspected Military coup



Mali’s President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta has resigned, after being detained by soldiers on state television late Tuesday, hours after he and the Prime Minister were reportedly detained by soldiers in a suspected coup.

Wearing a blue surgical mask, the President said on national broadcaster ORTM that he didn’t want blood spilled to keep in power.

This means that the country’s national assembly and the government have now been dissolved as he stated in his brief address.

For seven years I have with great joy and happiness tried to put this country back on its feet,” Keita said. “If today some people from the armed forces have decided to end it by their intervention, do I have a choice? I should submit to it because I don’t want any blood to be shed.”

On Wednesday morning, the military leaders behind the suspected coup identified as the National Committee for the Salvation of People (CNSP)addressed the nation promising a political transition, elections within a “reasonable time,” and a national curfew.

The military leader listed multiple grievances with Keita’s leadership, including allegations of corruption and the failure to deal with the long-running extremist insurgency.

The United Nations Security Council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the situation on Wednesday as requested by France and Niger, according to anonymous diplomatic sources.

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