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 Judiciary Moves to Disband Execution and Bailiffs Division



Judiciary top administration has kicked off with the process of disbanding the Execution and Bailiffs Division which has been handling the enforcement of court orders and execution of court decisions arising from all courts around Kampala.

According to the circular issued by the Principal Judge Dr Flavian Zeija on August 18, 2020, the disbanding is going to be done in a phased manner so that by December 31, 2020, the division is no more.

“Filing a new application at the Division shall cease from date of this circular. All applications for stay of execution should be sent back to courts which issued the decree,” Zeija stated.

The Division has been left with a priority of handling only applications in advanced stages as the Registrar is being ordered to prepare an inventory of all matters currently before the division and indicate files which have been sent back.

“Redeployment of judges at the Division shall be done by the Principal Judge in consultation with Chief Justice while the deployment of Registrars shall be done by Chief Registrar in consultation with Principal Judge and Chief justice,” the statement further reads.

A five member committee has been put in place to implement the phasing out of this division.

Judiciary spokesperson Jameson Karemani says that this process is an implementation of recommendations by the committee which was instituted by the Chief Justice to advise on how to improve on the efficiency of the division.

“The committee advised that this division should be disbanded after considering a number of issues,” he noted.

Among the ‘issues’ is that the few judicial officers available were overwhelmed with the high number of cases arising from all courts of law around Kampala.

Karemani went ahead and pointed out that this process will not affect upcountry courts because judges that side have been handling execution matters.

The Execution and Bailiffs Division was established by the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe Magunda in his circular Number 4 of 2011, with a view of promoting efficiency and effectiveness in matters relating to execution of judgments.


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