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I Will Still Ignore Her Until She Apologizes To Herself- Faridah Nakazibwe Pours Cold Water On Nemesis Justine Nameere’s Beef



The bad blood between media personalities, Justine Nameere and Faridah Nakazibwe might never end. As many of their fans thought that the pair ceased fire and buried the hatchet, Faridah has raised the dust again.

Faridah Nakazibwe and Nameere
Faridah Nakazibwe and Nameere

The bummy NTV news anchor claims she will never give Nameere her time because she is doesn’t deserve it. She claims the Nameere is always thirsty of public attention and a clout chaser.

Nameere and Faridah have beefed for 3 years now
Nameere and Faridah have beefed for 3 years now

While conducting an interview, the single mother of three swore never to kowtow in Nameere’s powwow because she is now on another level.

“…i looked at her a misguided missile because she was seeking attention and when i snubbed her she chilled. If she wants she can still bring it on…i will still ignore her until she apologizes to herself. But if she is waiting for an apology it is not coming now, not tomorrow and forever because she does’t deserve it…”, she said.

Faridah Nakazibwe yeyongedde okulumya Nafood:apology myeee!

Posted by Trending Showbiz Uganda. on Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Three months back, Nameere held Nakazibwe on ‘gun point’ to publicly apologize for insulting her on social media over allegations that she  was stalking her man Omar (Umar) SSali.

“I gave her 90 days to tell the public the truth, she didn’t, I added her more 90 days and she still informed me she is scared of telling the public. She requested that I forgive her privately and withdraw the case but we say nothing to the public. How selfish. She quickly forgot she introduced this to the public,” Nameere said.

Justine Nameere
Justine Nameere

Nameere said that Nakazibwe apologized to her privately after finding out that she wasn’t behind the fake social media accounts that used to blackmail her (Nakazibwe), but she wants her to make this apology public.

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