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FDC Youth stir Drama at Party Headquarters in an Attempt to Push Besigye to Pick Presidential Nomination Papers



Forum for democratic change FDC on Wednesday afternoon turned into a chaotic market place after angered youths tried to force
the political giant col.Dr.Kiiza Besigye to pick up nomination forms for the presidency on the party ticket.

Today is the final day for all nominations for presidential aspirants to pick up nomination forms and 3 candidates have so far finalized the process including the FDC national chairman Wasswa Birigwa, Secretary-General Nathan Nandala Mafabi and the party president Patrick Amuriat Obboi.

With the heavy expectation that Besigye would stand against Museveni for the 5th time in a row, the FDC youth were dealt a hard blow that forced them to retaliate by forcefully demanding that Besigye picks the forms as well.

The youths clad in the Blue FDC uniform even had Campaign posters for Besigye attempted to block the political giant from addressing members until he picks the nomination forms.

The group stormed the podium chanting and shouting ”he must sign first but an unrelenting Besigye stayed calm and steadfast until calm was restored.

Besigye was finally allowed to address the gathering.

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