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Exclusive: Why We Defected from NRM to NUP – City Mechanics, Singer Sophie Gombya Speak Out | ChimpReports



A section of city mechanics under their umbrella organization Marowo Development Association (MDA) were among the new entrants who defected to the National Unity Platform party (NUP) from the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Dressed in NRM t-shirts, the mechanics stormed NUP offices with their vehicle bearing President Museveni’s photos where they beckoned the NUP party president Robert Kyagulanyi over, to scrap off all yellow posters and replace them with those of People Power/NUP.

They were later given NUP t-shirts and formally welcomed to the party.

In an exclusive interview with ChimpReports, Kasozi Mahad Matuga, the team leader, said that for last 10 years, they had supported NRM but they have “gained nothing but humiliation.”

“I personally invested too much in almost the last three campaigns of President Museveni. I gave out my vehicle in the 2011 campaigns, gave out my Subaru N4 in 2016 an now in 2020 I had given out my Nissan Pathfinder where the President’s photos were attached for publicity,” he narrated.

Matuga noted that in their garage, over 148 members have all agreed to join NUP since it represents their value, “We have to invest in the campaigns for the President who seems not to be bothered with our concerns. People should know that i was not bought because NUP has no money and I have no intentions of standing for any post in NUP.”

Matuga added that they will not be intimidated or “bought” by the regime.

“Nothing will scare me. I am ready for anything no matter what, we shall not fear,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Sophie Gombya, the former president of Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) also joined the party amidst ululations. Gombya joined fellow 84 plus musicians and comedians who recently joined Kyagulanyi’s NUP party.

In an exclusive interview with our reporter, Gombya said that her major intention of joining NUP was to escalate the fight for the rights of women.

“Under my organization The Women Nation, I am sure that NUP will help me promote the rights of women in the country,” Gombya said.

Sophie Gombya

Gombya also rubbished claims that she was running some organizations that fight for the rights of women that are under the first lady Janet Museveni.

“Even if it is true as claims are, I am sure the first lady will get annoyed of my joining NUP since my major agenda has remained the fight for women’s rights,” she noted.

She, however, admitted that her joining of NUP is partly influenced by her intention of running for Councillorship in the Kampala Capital City Authority.
“But this should not be viewed as my major intention of joining NUP as I said I want to fight for women’s rights,” she noted.

Among other entrants were kick boxers and a section of members from the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) from Tororo.

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