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Museveni disturbed by trend of ‘very dangerous’ politics in Uganda and why it must change



KAMPALA, UGANDA: President Yoweri Museveni has asked the NRM leadership to look into the trend of politics in the country.

President Museveni was Tuesday morning addressing the NRM national executive council at State House in Entebbe.

Museveni in the company of top NRM leaders, tipped: “NRM needs to expanse the politics of careerism and reinstate the politics of mission-led leadership because people take leadership as a job; this is very dangerous. It is not just who; it is the what.”

The NRM chairman returned unopposed questioned: “What is to be done for Uganda and Africa’s salvation?”

On political parties, Museveni said: “On the issue of party affairs, the document discussed the matter of party funding. I contribute 20% of my small salary of UGX 3.6 million every month.”

The President revealed: “We have now agreed to increase government spending on political parties, at the same time, my fundraising efforts will continue.”

Museveni went on: “The second source is fundraising, and the third source is government funding for political parties. Government funding has been inadequate, that is why we had issues of rent, salaries, etc.”

The President who expected to hold NRM flag in the 2021 elections, hailed: “The NRM salutes the efforts of economic integration in Africa. However, it is not correct that most of Africa’s post-colonial leaders have created a Latin America in Africa instead of creating the United States of Africa in Africa.”

A visibly angry Museveni warned election hooligans: “Do not intimidate people. People are being attacked. The ones who attacked our girl in Kiseka will pay for sure. You have absolutely no right to attack me for wanting to vote.”

The President blasted: “Those idiots, we shall deal with them. You have no right even to abuse me or speak to me rudely. You will see what NRM means. We are going to crush those criminals.”

Museveni charged: “You have no right to attack me for wanting to vote. You have no right to abuse and to be rude to me. I am in my country and my house. People are attacked when the police is there. What is the police for?”

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