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Lynda Ddane turning the ‘50k’ into millions, launches a hair line



Following socialite Sheilah Gashumba’s 50k outburst on her former employer NTV, many were left wondering how their favourite media personalities survive on the 50k. Well lockdown queen Lynda Ddane is turning the 50k into millions.

The bubbly TV host partnered with two ladies both called Sheila that are experts in the hair field and yesterday (Monday) launched a hair line called Gartya World.

Ddane took it to her social media platforms to announce her partnership with the hairline.

“I can happily announce Gartya world is up and running. So ladies and gentlemen let’s talk hair. A toast to new partnerships,” posted Ddane.

When we connected Ddane to find out more about the hairline and what the people to expected , Ddane said the hairline will be dealing in hair pieces and accessories.

“ Gartya world is an all-round hair brand ; dealing in hair Pieces (all natural , Brazilian and the likes) imported … and wigs imported and in-made customized to one’s liking  plus hair accessories (like hair clips and oils ),” said Ddane

With Covid 19 reducing entertainment to TV music shows, Lynda Ddane has earned herself the title of queen of the lockdown as her fan base has greatly increased during this time.

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