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Lawyer Asks Court to Halt Nomination of Candidates in New Constituencies



A city lawyer has petitioned court to suspend the nomination process for candidates in the recently created 46 constituencies.

Towards the end of July this year Parliament passed a motion providing for creation of 46 new constituencies which brought the total number of constituencies in the country to 353

Minster for Local Government Hon Raphael Magyezi said the plan was to first pass 15 new ones but due to the demand from various districts they were forced to add 31 others

The constituencies were passed by parliament long after the Electoral Commission released its updated election roadmap and has since been forced to make further adjustments to accommodate them in next year’s election.

The petitioner Ben Muhumuza in an interim injunction filed in court through his lawyers of Newmark advocates, says that if the candidates are nominated before hearing of his matter where he challenges their creation, the case will be rendered nugatory.

The injunction is scheduled to be heard on Friday this week before Justice Musa Ssekaana the deputy head of Civil Division.

In his main suit, Muhumuza says that it was illegal for Parliament to pass the new counties without first consulting the County Councils as stated in the law governing creation of new constituencies.

“Previously, counties were created with permission from the county council, but the amendment of the Local Government Act (2013) repealed county council and county leadership. So without such leadership it becomes hard to create new counties,” he says

“What was done by Parliament looks like building a house on stolen land.”

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