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Nsimbi - GNL Zamba and Miriam Tamar

By Our Reporter

Nsimbi, a cross-cultural musical duo formed by Ugandan hip-hop artist GNL Zamba and American world fusion artist Miriam Tamar, has released a new single titled “Searching”.

The new release speaks to this tumultuous moment, when so many of us are searching for grounding, stability, meaning, connection and love.

“In these complicated and tough Covid times,” explains writer and vocalist Miriam Tamar, “so many of us can feel isolated – both physically and emotionally. For me, Searching talks about that basic human need for love and connection. Being loved, or giving love, provides each of us the strength to endure and even thrive during the most difficult situations.”

“Searching” is driven by a calling to bring the world a little closer together at a time when we’ve become so divided, both politically and now physically through social distancing during the pandemic. This world beat song carries the spirit of searching for connection, offering a chill and hopeful feeling for anyone needing some music therapy.

The video was filmed at Nsimbi’s US quarantine hideaway by GNL Zamba in his directorial debut, which came as a matter of necessity when the couple was unable to meet any video producers due to Covid-19 lockdown.

“‘We’re all just searching for love’, the lyric goes in this song. All human beings spend most of their lives looking for love and a place where they belong,” said GNL of the song. “The pressure of these times with the Black Lives Matter protests, refugee crisis in Lesbos and chaos in South America tell us that the world needs healing and to replenish our hearts with love. Searching for humanity, empathy and love for all, the solutions lie in going out of our way to feel someone else’s pain.”

“When I was directing this video, I wanted to show a story of connection. I wanted to show beauty and portray loneliness, because even in the most comfortable setting, we can feel lost until we have someone to share our beautiful journey with. Looking inward and outwards, sharing the mundane and extra ordinary!!!” He added.

Watch “Searching” video below.

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