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Ingrid Turinawe, MP Kaginda Defeated in Rukungiri Primaries



FDC iron-lady, Ingrid Turinawe and MP Roland Kaginda have been floored in the FDC primaries, Chimp Corps report.

The two influential leaders in the country’s largest opposition political party, contested in the party primaries for MP Rukungiri Municipality.

The duo was defeated by Warren Katoora Tumwiine, a medical doctor.

Tumwiine polled 130 votes against Turinawe’s 65. Kaginda, the current MP representing the area, trailed with 62 votes.

“It’s a huge upset by the doctor (Tumwiine),” said an FDC insider.

Dr Warren Katoora Tumwiine who defeated both Turinawe and Kaginda

Turinawe’s political career started in 1998 with her election to the Rukungiri District Council.

She later served as Speaker of Rukungiri District.

Turinawe, who has participated in street battles with security forces in Kampala, appears thin on ground in Rukungiri.

In 2006, Turinawe contested for Rukungiri District Women’s Constituency parliamentary seat, and again in 2011, losing both times.

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