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Village Committee Elections: NRM Candidate Beats ‘Opposition Alliance’ in Kireka



Isaac Kamya, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate in the village youth elections in Kireka D village, Kiganda zone, Kiira municipality in Wakiso division has defeated his opposition (FDC and NUP) counter parts even after their last-minute alliance.

In the polls that were held at Kings Nursery School-Kiganda, Kamya was declared a winner by Moses Kaketo, the presiding officer after scooping 144 votes, beating his only counterpart and the opposition alliance official candidate, Nicholas Walimbwa of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party, who scored 70 votes.

Kamya beat the opposition with a range of 74 votes, according to the results.

Musa Mulopi, the Forum for Democratic Change candidate had earlier closed a deal with, and stepped down for Walimbwa, that in case he(Walimbwa) went through, there would be power sharing which, unfortunately, did not come to pass.

A total of 214 youth participated in the election which was too low compared to the number of youth in the village according to Sulaiman Kayira, the LC1 chairperson.

“We have over 1000 youth in this place but seeing only below 250 participating in the voting process is an embarrassment,” said Kayira.

At around 12:00 pm, the supporters of NUP turned violent after suspected vote rigging that had been sensed by its candidate, the situation was later normalized by officers from Kiganda Police post and the elections resumed smoothly.

The election was repeated thrice until the electoral supervisors were forced to conduct the voting in order to beat the deadline, which ended in Kamya’s favour.

“I will start by uniting all my colleagues who participated in this election because no matter what, we have remained brothers and I will work closely with them to make sure that their plans for our development don’t fade like that,” Kamya said upon being declared a winner.

However, NUP party supporters and candidates were not pleased with the results citing that Kamya was helped by his father, Godfrey Kamya the former Chairperson LC1 of the same village.

Via her official social media platforms, Betty Nambooze, the Mukono municipality MP bragged that NUP had massively scooped victories in different villages.

“In some areas, the presiding officers have refused to declare our young people winners saying that they are waiting for the RDC to come and give them guidance,” she complained.

In Kalerwe, proceedings were different as a NUP candidate was declared by colleagues in a failed poll. The supporters of NUP accused the supervisors for reading non-residents among the electorate which prompted them to chase away the electoral commission stuff and declared their candidate a winner.


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