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Those Who are For Change Should Rally Behind Kyagulanyi – Hon Luttamaguzi



Nakaseke South Member of Parliament and Democratic Party representative Kasana Sentamu Luttamaguzi, has hailed the leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party Robert Kyagulanyi saying he is not an ordinary person but a “chosen rescuer.”

“Kyagulanyi is not an ordinary person, he was sent to redeem us from captivity,” Luttamaguzi said.

Appearing on NBS, Luttamaguzi added that Democratic Party President Nobert Mao “should know that we are in a different season with people who are yearning for change.”

“We have people who are for change and those against change. Those who are for change should rally behind Kyagulanyi,” he said.

“Those who left DP and crossed over to NUP were not a burden to the party just like Mao said but we should know that Mao is also in captivity,” Luttamaguzi added.

While discussing politics on the same station, Mao said the defectors had left the party long time ago but were just celebrating their marriage with a new party. He added that these had become a burden to DP leadership and created confusion.

“The truth is most of the defectors said bye bye long time ago. Hon. Kyagulanyi last time launched a song titled ‘Bikwase Kyagulanyi’ (cast your burden to Kyagulanyi), we are glad that our burdens from DP have gone to Kyagulanyi,” Mao said.


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