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Kusasira, Full Figure Donate Welding Equipment to Youth Groups in Kampala



Presidential ‘advisor on Kampala affairs’ Catherine Kusasira and Nakangu Jennifer alias Full Figure, senior presidential advisor on musicians and youth affairs have asked fellow National Resistance Movement (NRM) members to always focus on driving their party forward instead on pulling each other down.

The remarks were made during the handing over of 30 welding machines to various youth groups around Kampala, a donation from the two individuals.

They (Kusasira and Full Figure) pointed out that they decided to start with the little they have to ensure that at least talented youths can employ themselves instead of being used by opportunists and politicians in this election period.

“You may say that Kusasira or Full Figure are illiterate but the President knew it while appointing us. He chose us, the ‘incompetent’ people as you allege, because he had seen the capacity in us which you the self-styled ‘elites’ lack,” Full figure stated.

Kusasira said that this is not the time when NRM members should be looking for handouts from the president but they should rather look at it as an opportunity to give back to the community especially to those on the grass root level by extending any form of support.

“We have been able to use personal resources with support from our colleagues in order to buy these welding machines. This is not money from the President as many would allege,” Kusasira said.

The duo faulted a number of powerful personalities in the country who have accumulated wealth during President Museveni’s regime but they cannot even give back to the communities despite the many people in need of a supportive hand in their small businesses.

“People have got billions and billions of money in their houses but still behave like peasants. Currently President Museveni wouldn’t be campaigning when he has such a strong team,” she added.

Over 50 youths have received the welding machines and before the end of year, Kusasira said, more than 1000 machines will have been given out in most of the districts of Uganda.

Each machine is expected to benefit more than four people from registered companies.

Being that these advisors are musicians, Full figure asked fellow musicians to remain independent when it comes to their business because they will need all people as supporters for their music irrespective of their political affiliations.

Kusasira, Full Figure and a display of the welding machine.

“I disagree with Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu politically but when it comes to music, I don’t have any problem with him,” she revealed.

Brig Gen Elly Kayanja from Operation Wealth Creation on officiating at this function at Access building in Kampala, asked the youth to embrace vocational skills so that they can be in position to become self-employed and reduce on the high unemployment rates in the country.

“Government is ready to help all those who have started up businesses. Many youth always look for money but when you ask them what they can do, they have nothing,” Kayanja said.

He further applauded the two advisors for being innovative and hardworking which will help many youths to get employed.


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