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AG Byaruhanga put Kassami family on “gunpoint” to sign press statement



Attorney General William Byaruhanga has one again come under fire after it emerged that he compelled the family of the late Chris Kassami to release a press statement denying that he has been involved in the grabbing of their property.

Podi Kargane Kassami, the wife, Jasi Kassami-the son and heir, and daughters, Mary Kassami, Natasha Kassami and Susan Kassami signed a press statement saying that the rumour that Hon Byaruhanga has stolen from their family assets following the death of their family head is completely untrue.

However, it has since emerged that the Attorney General held a meeting with the family and coerced them into signing the press statement that he had authored himself.

During the meeting, Kassami allegedly threatened some family members who raised objections to the contents of the press statement, leaving them with no option but to sign a document where they literally shot themselves in the foot.

Attorney General Byaruhanga has of late been under the spotlight as he is at the centre of gross grabbing of properties belonging to deceased wealthy individuals.

The Kassami family accuses Byaruhanga of grabbing prime properties that the deceased gad bequeathed to his children.

The AG is also at the centre of a protracted fight for property between businessman Karim Hirji and his step-children over allegations that the Government’s principal legal advisor forged a will belonging to their late mother, Ziba Nanyonga Hirji.