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Bobi Wine Will Rule for Only 10 Years—Nambooze



In the event that Robert Kyagulanyi otherwise known as Bobi Wine becomes President of Uganda, the plan has apparently been laid out for him to rule for only two terms.

This was revealed by Hon. Betty Nambooze in an interview with a local newspaper. 

Nambooze who announced her departure from the Democratic Party is set to join National Unity Platform (NUP)

She, however, hasn’t announced yet. “The other day I was telling my brother Kyagulanyi that ‘will you allow me to be in your party as a refugee because I have unfinished business that I have to go back and do.”

Nambooze said the country will know Bobi’s answer this week. 

Nambooze also shed light on Kizza Besigye’s return to the ballot for the 5th time.

“If in an unlikely event that happens and I see Besigye and Bobi Wine on the same ballot, that will be another matter. But as far as I am concerned, there are no signs that Dr Besigye will stand in the next election.“

She made it clear that she would support Besigye if he appeared on the ballot since she is part of the People’s Government led by Besigye.

Nambooze said the opposition is going to support one candidate. 



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