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2021 Elections: Battles drawn in Mbale




As the country prepares to go to polls next February, momentum is building across the boundaries for voters to choose amongst the many aspirants who their leaders will be in the 11th parliament.

One such area which is already boiling is the Elgon zone popularly known as Bugisu or the ‘Land of Bamaasaba’.

The area has been dominated with its Members of Parliament since the 6th and 7th parliament and hence the need for change for fresh blood to come in and implement whatever they failed.

Mbale City

Mbale City, after being elevated to the city status this financial year, the town was divided into two constituencies, Northern Division and Industrial Division. Ambassador Wamanga Wamai, the outgoing legislator opted not to run again and give chance to new entrants.

Northern Division

The Northern Division is the upscale or the leafy area of the town which is dominated with who is who in Mbale City and therefore, the area is considered a very key division that whoever leads the area must be of heavy weight.


Paul Wanyoto

The flamboyant city lawyer from WEB Advocates and Solicitors who doubles Minister of Foreign Affairs in the institution of the Izu Ya Masaaba is the leading contender for the seat on the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party card. Mr. Wanyoto presents the future of the city and the statesman because of the networks he has built and the national connections that he comes along with to represent the division. Wanyoto awaits party primaries that are due.


Ambassador Charles Madibo Wagidoso

Amb. Wagidoso

The ex-Uganda’s Ambassador to China for over 15 years and also former legislator for Bulambuli County then in Mbale District in the 6th parliament is back. Although this time not in Bulambuli which is now a district of its own, Amb. Wagidoso is battling for the Northern Division too. Wagidoso made a name for himself as an orator in the 6th parliament under the Movement System. He presents himself under the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party and he is yet to tussle it out in the party primaries. However, Eagle Online has reliably learnt that Wagidoso is under pressure from certain sections of his party to give way to young blood since he has been around in many ventures.


Seth Wambede

He is a former legislator in the 6th parliament representing Bungokho North constituency. He rose to national fame for his brilliance in the house at the time when parliament was still dominated with seasoned parliamentarians like Ben Wacha, Aggrey Awori and Bidandi Ssali. He came in under the Movement System then since political parties were banned.

Mr. Wambede has previously tried to reclaim the Bungokho North seat. NRM party primaries remains the only challenge to him and if he wins, he brings on table experience and exposure of good legislation for a sub-region lacking great debaters.



Industrial Division

Industrial Division is a home to hustlers in the city and it presents itself as the home to upstarts. The division is also considered a hub for opposition politics in the city given the previous experiences.


Madanada Wokuri aka Mama FDC

Margaret Wokuri Madanda.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party diehard has shifted her goalposts from Mbale District Woman Member of Parliament aspirant to Industrial Division. Ms Wokuri known for her assertiveness she is a leading contender in FDC camp. She faces Isaac Warela Nabende and others in the new division.


John Wekesa Wambogo

Another aspirant for the Industrial Division under the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party ticket isn’t stranger to Mbale politics having unsuccessfully contested in the byelection to replace the late former Speaker James Wapakhabulo. He subsequently contested in other elections but the people of Mbale haven’t given him a chance to represent them. He awaits his party primaries to determine whether he will be NRM flag bearer in the division.


Mbale Woman MP race


Connie Galiwango

Connie Galiwango, she is the current holder of the seat and a likable woman by all standards, she has held the seat for two terms and ‘if’ she retains it, it will be her third term as a woman representative of the sitting room of Masaaba house. Ms Galiwango has previously stood with her people. In the heat-up to the creation of cities when Mbale was pushed to the next financial year, she led a one-woman demonstration with a few of her supporters that resulted in her being arrested. It looks like her demands were heard by authorities and in turn President Museveni directed that Mbale be included on the list.

Eagle Online also understands that although she voted No in the Age amendment in parliament to give way for Mr. Museveni to rule without any hinderance, she seem to have represented the true picture of her constituents.


Lydia Wanyoto Mutende

Lydia Wanyoto


The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party head of Women’s League is back again to tussle it out with her former opponent, Connie Galiwango. The two yellow girls of Mbale faced off in 2016 and Ms Galiwango carried the day. The race between the two ladies is a tight one given that Ms Wanyoto is said to be enjoying the endorsement of the state.

Ms Wanyoto could easily tap in the support structures of her late husband Dr. James Mutende Shinyabulo, the ex-Minister of Trade and Industries. Dr. Mutende had created a network of mobilizers around Mbale town.


Annet Musuya Soobi

She is also vying on the National Resistance Movement party ticket and is a seasoned administrator. She is currently the National Coordinator of Share an Opportunity Uganda a Non-Governmental Organisation. She previously worked with Uganda Women Concern Ministry as Executive Director for two years. She also worked with TASO-Uganda for seven years as a counselor.


Other entrants in the NRM party primaries are Miriam Mukhaye Wangisi and seasoned educationalist Agatha Wambi Wanyenya



Bungokho Central


This is a new constituency which was curved out of the bigger Bungokho South Constituency which has been in the armpits of State Minister for Industries Michael Kafabusa Werikhe since 1996.

Michael Kafabusa Werikhe

Minister of State for Industry.

He has represented Bungokho South since 1996 and he still wants to represent new constituency of Bungokho Central. Sources say one of the reasons they curved Bungokho Central out of Bungokho South is the fear by Minister Werikhe that was destined for a loss if the constituency wasn’t divided. He is left with nothing to offer apart from the need to be in parliament. He is among those old guards targeted by the young generation.


Eric Stephen Mukhwana

He is the outgoing Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Culture, Tourism and Communication in the Izu Ya Massaaba institution. He is resulted oriented person under whose leadership, the IZu has seen increased awareness about its activities amongst the Bamaasaba in Uganda, Kenya and Diaspora.

He previously worked at the New Vision as senior advertising Executive before venturing in private. He is contesting as an Independent and comes at the time when there is fatigue of Werikhe.

Richard Wanda

Richard Wanda

Others tussling it out with Minister Werikhe in National Resistance Movement (NRA) party primaries are Richard Wanda and Andrew Mauso.


Bungokho South

Having curved out Bungokho Central out of Bungokho South and leaving Minister Werikhe in Central, this means that Bungokho South will have its own representative.

Mzee Bernard Mujasi

The aging out going Mbale District Chairman has declared intentions to run as a candidate in the NRM primaries. Mujasi bitterly contested for the then larger Bungokho South constituency. Werikhe won the said 2001 election amidst claims of vote rigging triggering off a legal battle that was eventually won by Werikhe. Mujasi’s undoing will be his age and overstaying as LCV.


Bungokho North

This is a constituency that votes an MP once and never to return him or her again. It is on the suburbs of Mbale City in the northern direction bordering Bukedea and Sironko districts and it is predominantly cosmopolitan.

Gershom Sizomu, the current legislator who is vying for the second term under his party Forum for Democratic Change.

Others in the NRM party primary race former legislator Yahaya Gudoi who served in the 9th parliament. Gudoi is remembered a legislator who was conned most at parliament.








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NUP endorses Nalukwago Judith as Makerere University Guild Presidential aspirant




Nalukwago Judith

The National Unity Platform (NUP) has endorsed Judith Nalukwago as Makerere University Guild Presidential aspirant.

Nalukwago was endorsed shortly after the young Makerere strike machine; Obed Obedgiu Derrick opted out of the race. Obed announced that he will not be offering himself as a candidate in the highly anticipated Mak guild elections as the new election roadmap is yet to be released.

“Salutations to you friends, I shan’t offer myself as a candidate in the forthcoming elections as was the case earlier. Thanks to all and sundry for the unwavering support,” Obed wrote on Facebook.

Stories Continues after

Although Obed had won the flag bearer primaries early before the closure of the University due to the Covid-19 pandemic break-up, he has decided to give way to the fellow people power member Judith Nalukwago to aspire and promises undying support for her.

In a series of posts on her social media handles, Nalukwago announced that she will be running for the position of Guild President. She says that the seat of the Vice Guild President offered her an opportunity to assert her beliefs and push more for affordable education and education reforms.

“The Vice Guild Presidency presented to me a great opportunity to assert those beliefs and push more for affordable education and address systematic injustice against students in general and women in particular. This struggle is always a work in progress,” Nalukwago said.

She added, “The task before us is an uphill one, but the power of our resolve will be the steam that gets our train moving. In the coming days, I will share broadly about this noble aspiration and what I have in plan for us all.”

Makerere University might get a female guild president after seven years. Anne Adeke Ebaju is the Youth Female Representative in Parliament.

The University now has four candidates in the race; Tumusiime Joseph (independent), Ogutti Aaron (independent), Muhwezi Maczxxon (NRM) and the only lady Judith Nalukwago (NUP). However the competition is between the NRM flag bearer and the NUP aspirant as they wait for the date of 30th March to decide the new elect Guild President.

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Segirinya’s Academic Documents are Fake – UNEB




The Uganda National Examinations Board – UNEB has revealed that academic documents submitted by Kawempe North Member of Parliament elect Muhammad Segirinya are not authentic.

This followed a request for verification of the said documents by former Kawempe North MP contestant Sulaiman Kidandala who lost to Segirinya in the recently concluded general elections.

Kidandala is challenging Segirinya’s victory on grounds that he was not qualified enough to run for the position which he won by landslide.

“The certificate serial numbers U1884798 and A0964827 whose copies you submitted for verification are NOT authentic documents issued by the board,” UNEB wrote in a letter to Alaka & Company advocates, the law firm representing Kidandala.

The two certificates for both Ordinary and Advanced level, according to UNEB were all not for Segirinya as they indicated.

“Candidate U005/054 (2007) is Nampiima Sarah who sat at Mengo Secondary School NOT Segirinya Richard sitting at Pimbas Secondary School.”

“Candidate U0053/754 (2009) is Nabadda Maureen who sat at Mengo Secondary School not Segirinya Richard sitting at Pimbas Secondary School.”

According to the Ugandan Constitution, for one to be allowed to contest for MP, they must possess a Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education – UACE certificate or its equivalent.

This, if it holds in court would directly annul Segirinya’s election as MP.



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Mbale: Galiwango Files Defense in Response to Wanyoto’s Petition




The Mbale City Woman MP-elect, Connie Nakayenze Galiwango has finally filed defense before the Mbale High Court in response to the 123 affidavits earlier submitted by Lydia Wanyoto Mutende, who is challenging her victory citing discrepancies in the electoral process.

Galiwango defeated her competitor, Wanyoto, with a range of over 20,000 votes, after scoring 40,702 votes (53.2%) against Wanyoto’s 25,276 votes (33%) in the January 14th elections.

Other candidates in the race were; Robinah Masibo from the National Unity Platform party (NUP) who garnered 6565 votes, Maimuna Nambuya with 1852 votes, Shadia Luwungule, who had lost in the NRM primaries got 1382 votes and Racheal K Nansubuga trailed with 643 votes.

Wanyoto, on March 2, filed 123 affidavits, which she said contained all the evidence that are enough to nullify Galiwango’s victory and order for vote recount.

She told reporters in a press conference that her victory had been robbed by Galiwango whom she accused of ordering the brutalization of her (Wanyoto’s) polling agents.

“My polling agents from Bugema, Nakaloke, and Bukasakya and Bungokho-Mutoto sub counties were beaten by the supporters of Nakayenze and my declaration forms destroyed. I can’t accept the results and we are going to Courts of Law to challenge this because I believe that I won the race but the Electoral Commission declared a wrong person,” she said.

Speaking to journalists after filing the defense, Galiwango noted that she is ready to face all the 123 witnesses who claim that she rigged the polls.

“I pray God helps me so I can see those people. That day, I want to look into their eyes and see them giving evidence against me, because it is like somebody finding you with your hen and claims that it is theirs,” she said.

“I am happy my lawyers and I read all the 123 affidavits and responded to them and we are now ready to face the Court. I saw some people citing bribery, I am ready to see someone testifying that I or my agent gave them the money,” Galiwango added.

She called upon the people of Mbale City whom she referred to as “my energy” to walk with her as they defend their victory since “it is you the people of Mbale who voted for me and therefore the petition is against you too.”


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