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”Olina Mugaba Mungi Kubisambi”.. Fans Attack Bootylicious NTV Presenter Lynda Ddane For Flaunting Stretch Marked Thighs On Social Media



Bootylicious NTV presenter Lynda Ddane has once again faced the wrath of fans on social media for continuously posting seductive pictures of her self on Instagram

The self styled media personality has made a name for herself mainly because of the provocative way she dresses both on TV and social media

Short sexy pants and skimpy out fits have become Lynda Ddane’s signature wear ever since she made her debut on NTV the beat

Yesterday evening the celebrated TV star posted a yummy picture of herself donned in short rugged jeans revealing her big sexy thighs

Unfortunately the picture Lynda Ddane posted revealed too much of her stretch marks something online fans based on to tell her to respect her body

”Hide those thighs…..they don’t look nice at all…..stretch marks are too mob” a one Hellen Katson posted on Lynda Ddane’s picture

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