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I Have no Problem with DP as an Institution – Lukwago



The departure of Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago from Uganda’s oldest political party, the Democratic Party (DP) to Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) could be hinged on the disagreements between him and some DP top shots specifically party President Nobert Mao.

Lukwago, while appearing on NTV on Thursday night, said he has no problem with DP as an institution.

“I have no problem with DP as an institution. DP has nurtured me, DP has groomed me. DP has offered me a platform to showcase and exploit my potential. I am so appreciative of what DP has made me,” he said.

Lukwago, who has a bitter relationship with Nobert Mao, admitted that the institution is bigger than individuals but added that he had no room within DP to address internal bickering.

“If you have no room of addressing challenges internally, what do you do? If you have no space, what do you do?” For the last decade, I have been at the forefront of struggling for reforms within DP. So, there comes a time when someone says enough is enough. So, I am not ready to continue with the fight for reforms in DP,” he said.

Asked whether he has any issues with Mao, Lukwago said, “he (Mao) has issues with me. He has called me all sorts of names. He has castigated me. He has called me Satan, he has called me a wild cat. He has called me all of the names which are derogatory.”

Lukwago, 50 years of age, said there are things and decisions that must be made as someone reaches a certain age.

“There is a chapter I have to close. I have pushed for reforms, I have made my contribution to the progress and development of DP.”

Asked whether he can be able to return to DP if the reforms he has been fighting for are put in place, the Lord Mayor said he has made a judgment which is irredeemable adding that it is beyond his capacity to return to Uganda’s oldest political party.

Presidential ambitions

When news began to spread that Lukwago would join FDC, many speculated that he would hold the FDC flag in the 2021 presidential election.

Lukwago’s expected bid for the 2021 presidential interest further made many speculate when the FDC announced that Kizza Besigye, the FDC’s all-time presidential flag bearer would not stand for the presidency in the coming election.

Asked whether he has any ambitions to lead Uganda as President, Lukwago was unclear on the subject.

“I thought you also hold the same ambitions just like any other Ugandan. You can have wild dreams in this country. You can have all those ideas and ambitions but the question you have to ask yourself is, what are the challenges you are encountering right now? And I would rather focus on those challenges than pursuing those ambitions you are talking about,” he said.

He added, “any reasonable person would have ambitions which may be valid in nature.”

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