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Black Wall Street adds 6 top African celebrities



By Reporter

Black Wall Street led by Charles N Lambert has today announced addition of 6 more Continental stars to the BWS. The stars added today are from Tanzania and Kenya. From Tanzania, Ringo (comedian), Amby Lusekelo(Actress and writer), Ankoo Zumo(Comedian) and Mkali Wenu(Award winning comedian) while from Kenya. From Kenya BWS has recruited Veteran Actor Raymond Ofula and Veteran Actress Mama Kayai.

Chairman Charles Lambert posted “It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon news at BWS House as we receive news that the following 6 top African celebrities have joined the cause of the economic war and the 28 Apps. We are delighted to have you join us in one voice for Africa.

As we expand this plaform for Africa’s unity through common economic interest, I urge everyone to remember that we are not fighting a protectionist war but one of pursuit of treasures in nations far from our shores.”

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