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2020: Politicians Warned Against Making Big Promises



Supreme Mufti Sheikh Suleiman Kasule Ndirangwa has asked all politicians as the country heads to the campaigning period to distance themselves from promising heaven and earth as a tool for attracting voters’ attention.

In his Eid Aduha message delivered at Kibuli, Ndirangwa said excessive lies during the campaigning period has caused many leaders to fear returning to their electorate.

“Promise people things you can do and leave out those that you cannot fulfil,” he said.

Ndirangwa during his message, prayed for peaceful 2021 elections so that the country is not derailed by political chaos.

On the other side he asked Government to speed up the process of opening up of places of worship, stressing that religion is essential especially during this period.

Ndirangwa said having opened up a number of places like Arcades, Malls and Transport means which bring together many people for a longer period, there is no need to continue keeping places of worship closed when they don’t hold people for longer hours.

“We thank you President for the efforts you have put in to defeat this pandemic but when people lose hope they turn to God.”


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