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Water Polo Set to Resume Under Standard Operating Procedures



Water polo is a sport played in water pool between two teams. It consists of four quarters in which the two teams attempt to score goals by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s goal.

Each team is made up of seven players including a goalkeeper.

The Uganda Water Polo Executive Committee has set stringent measures that could be implemented ahead of the possible return of the sport in the Covid-19 epoch.

When the lockdown is lifted, the executive anticipates implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which have been issued to all the member teams with reference to the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.

The Water Polo, Under the Uganda Swimming Federation anticipates all players, coaches and team administrators to abide by the regulations in case the sports sector is given greenlight to resume.

Eric Kisolo, the country Water Polo development program director and Head of water Polo CANA Zone 3 ’11 African countries has urged all the stake holders to embrace the new norms to help curb the spread of Coronavirus.

“On return to the pool, we expect a Pro Sports league which will be helpful in the promotion of the sport towards international performance,” he said.

Each club is tasked to reach out to its own facility to understand their intended re-opening date and plan and should also carry out a Risk Assessment in advance.

Each person is tasked to take personal responsibility for their own health, safety, and decision making and should also be prepared for a change.

Uganda is among the top 10 Water polo playing countries in Africa whose development and performance program ranks her Number one in East Africa.

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